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Resident concerned about Richfield bell

8/1/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Richfield has lost the option of saving our old school where four generations of my family went to school. This school was built in 1917, but the bell in it was cast in 1887 and hung in the school that was built in that same year but torn down for the “new” school in 1917. So now where is the bell?

The Revere Board of Education wants to keep the bell at the high school location on the football field and ring it for a touchdown. What do you think that the odds are that it gets painted and defaced by our own students or others who are opposing teams?

This bell clearly belonged to Richfield School much before the merger of Richfield and Bath to create the Revere district. It still belongs to Richfield and should stay in Richfield. The Richfield Historical Society is interested in housing it for people to see and learn about the history of.

It is not a bell for a touchdown in a football field that is actually located in Bath. This is not right.

It is a small thing to be asking to return this piece of memorabilia to the town that created it and owned it for 126 years. Would others who feel this same way please contact the Board of Education members and/or write your own [letter to the editor] for a local paper?

Pat Healey, Richfield

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