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Resident requesting more tennis courts in Green

8/22/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I write to ask both the city of Green and the Green Local School District to re-evaluate the number of tennis courts available to the community. 

We have numerous football/soccer and softball/baseball fields here, but lack the access to an appropriate number of tennis courts that fit the needs of a city going on 26,000 people.

The city of Green has six public courts (four at Boettler Park, which are in good condition, and two at [East] Liberty Park, which are in poor to unusable/dangerous condition, deplorable considering the young age of the courts). I have observed instances where the community has started waiting on court times on a regular basis and in some, albeit rare cases, where annoyances are starting to get elevated. A community of our size should have double the amount of courts, and the two Liberty courts [should] be properly repaired. I see softball fields (on both city and school grounds) used less than these tennis courts. 

On a related note, these city courts could also be lightly marked and serve double duty as pickle ball courts, which has a growing presence in Green with adults. 

The Green Local School District has zero courts. When compared to other notable Suburban/Federal League schools and recent opponents, the school district support of this sport is insufficient.

How can the city of Green and the Green Local Schools remedy this but also minimize costs to both? By utilizing unused school property that the schools already own, the school district and city can split the costs of six to eight new tennis courts on the main high school campus. This grouping of tennis courts would allow Green to appropriately have enough courts to have home games, give the public, during non-school related practice/league play, additional courts to play on and free up the current courts for tennis/pickle ball use on a full-time basis.

Note that the girls/boys teams are already split into separate fall/spring sports to maximize playing time with a minimal number of courts. The girl’s tennis team at Green High School has nearly doubled in size in one year due to interest in this sport, and with the addition of courts on school grounds, lower grades would also be able to utilize the courts for introduction/practice at younger ages, which would elevate the competition of Green tennis to the next level.

Ronald Schultz, Green

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