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Norton voter questions behavior

8/29/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The slim margin of voters who have voted down the amendment to stop sewer assessments and other provisions within the ballot will soon realize the future consequences. Do not be fooled by thinking that responsibly maintaining a septic system will stop the progress of a city bound and determined to install sewers throughout Norton. All one has to do is follow the money and realize the entire plan revolves around a huge cash cow.

Very few septic systems may have the possibility of failure in Nash Heights. Do not condemn all residences because of the latter’s misfortunes. We do not live in an area that is overflowing with the bacteria that some have claimed. Why? I personally know of a few individuals who have no idea of the location of their septic tank. One such system happens to be very close to Lake Dorothy. There have been dead deer and other animals found in drainage ditches, as well as debris that stymies proper drainage.

The less than majority of this issue have been publicly slandered, verbally harassed and vilified by city officials. Even after a so-called “victory,” many people have displayed shameful acts of celebration. When city officials should be humble, they have displayed their arrogance and self-importance.

Furthermore, I was shocked to find many individuals who tried [to] violate a person’s freedom of speech. Complain all you want to the Summit County Board of Elections. Admonish me while I publicly and legally campaign for an issue that is so dear to me. Your obscene hand gestures did not work either. This display of anger only made it more important to stand up for the people in Norton.

In conclusion, let us mend our differences by forming a city government that will plan and budget in a responsible manner. Also, let us start ignoring people who have called [or] labeled many Norton citizens a “socialist.”

Remember, we have an important election in November. Let’s get to it!

Tom Kornas, Norton

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