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Coventry man appreciates South Main Street improvements

8/29/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’ve lived on South Main Street for 34 years now and I’ve replaced eight mailboxes in that time due to cars and trucks hitting them. I’ve held my breath several times when semis came really close to me while I get the mail and paper. I’ve watched bicycle riders take their lives in their hands because they had no, virtually no shoulder to ride on. I’ve been one who was brushed, on my left arm, by extended mirrors on a pickup hauling a camper. I’ve seen more horrific accidents than anyone should have to see at Axline Drive area (“deadman’s curve”), but now there is a lot of “forgiveness room.” I’ve mowed my yard “with the traffic” purposely so if I got hit and survived the hit, I would not have a memory of seeing it take place (they would hit my backside). And I’ve watched school buses struggle to make a 90-degree turn onto Kirby Drive, which they cannot do, so they have taken about five foot of my yard to drive over (they have no choice).

But now someone on the road crew has tried a new tactic (two nice lanes, one center turn lane and two nice shoulders instead of four very tight, no shoulder lanes).

Some of my neighbors have already said, “I’m going to begin a petition to get back four lanes.” Go at it, but everything we do has plusses and minuses, and the only minus I see so far is morning traffic coming north past Portage Lakes Drive merging [in]to one lane by Lakeview Market is going to be a real delicate thing with morning rush hour traffic, but they have a “turn lane” to use as they merge over.

Let’s give it some time and see if the one minus outweighs the many safety and health plusses.

Thank you, road crew, for some “forgiveness” on the road!

Bob Bussey Jr., Coventry

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