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Cost of proposed Norton sewer project assessments questioned

9/19/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

At the Norton Council work session meeting of Aug. 19, Councilperson at-large [Charlotte] Whipkey brought attention to a little known fact pertaining to the proposed Norton sewer project.

For example, the lot your house is on will be charged “per benefit,” which is the assessment you will pay for any sewer line per lot. So if the assessment or “benefit” for your house lot is $12,000, you will pay another “benefit” of $12,000 for any other parcel or lot you own. This is in addition to the thousands of dollars in out of pocket fees you will face to hook up to a sewer line to your home. Be aware of these costs. The only alternative is to request a “total replat” if you want to combine and turn your extra lot(s) into one and pay only one “benefit.” Contact the Summit County [Fiscal] Office or a local surveyor for information. Time is not on your side. This current city administration is using the Environmental Protection Agency as a crutch and is determined to push this sewer project. Where is the Summit County proposal for sewers? Once again our city administration is lax in providing taxpayers full disclosure of information (or perhaps this is their intent). Instead of helping and assisting residents, this group always seems to misinform and use the residents.

Paul Reese, Norton


Editor’s note: According to Norton Administrative Officer Richard Ryland, any lot that is a buildable lot would be charged an assessment.

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