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Coventry resident supports outdoor music at Portage Lakes businesses

9/26/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

What percent of the year does On Tap and Nicoletti’s have outdoor bands [playing]? Learn from the ox!

If you take May, June, July, August and September, five months time four weekends, that equal 60 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), times four hours each day equals 240 hours of “band” music (noise) out of 8,760 hours in a year. That makes the 240 hours become 2 percent of the year, which means the locals bothered by the “band” music (fun noise) have 98 percent of the year without music. Hmmm, you get 98 percent and you complain about 2 percent?

And we all know that due to weather there is not something going on every day of every weekend outside, and even when the weather is good, there is not a band every Friday, Saturday and Sunday playing — it is usually one to two days each weekend, so the locals having 98 percent free time without outside music is the least amount they have. It really is more like they have 99 percent of the time music free.

You want noise? I live on South Main Street and listen to the Harley-Davidsons, tractor-trailers, EMS, etc. going down the road constantly. My former house was near the Akron-Canton Regional Airport where jets flew over my house at all hours. As a child, my residence was beside Interstate 77 and South Arlington Road. Any of those three places will give you noise, not band music, and not people having fun noise, and it is all day long, nearly every hour of the day and all year long!

The band noise at On Tap and Nicoletti’s is, No. 1 — seasonal, about five months out of the year; No. 2 — only a couple times a week; No. 3 — usually no more than four hours a day; No. 4 — the sound of people having fun; No. 5 — the sound of a business hopefully making profit because Coventry definitely needs businesses to make a profit and thrive; and No. 6 — ends at a certain time of the night too, unlike traffic on South Main Street or jets at Akron-Canton Regional Airport or expressway traffic.

Learn from the ox … if you have an ox in the barn, guess what, they make a mess, but in the day where there were no tractors, without an ox you could not till the ground, so you had to put up with a mess if you wanted vegetables. This is how the Bible puts it: [paraphrased] from Proverbs 14:4, Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. Or, you can say it this way: Part of a vibrant successful life is putting up with a little crap now and then!

Without a little band noise, there is less revenue to the area, less fun for people needing to relax. We would all like our own paradise, but guess what, the Portage Lakes is not heaven, it’s full of people and people are sometimes noisy.

You locals, 98 percent to 99 percent band music free is a pretty good share to have!

Bob Bussey Jr., Coventry

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