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Who shot Boo?

10/3/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Photo courtesy of Carol Dragash
That is the question some of the residents of Spring Valley, Valley Wood and the Agean area of Bath would like to know. For the past seven years, Boo, who is solid white, has been known as the neighborhood cat. He is owned by one of the residents, wears a collar to identify himself as being a pet and not a stray, is micro-chipped for identification, receives his shots and flea medicine, and is well provided for. He makes house calls at some of his favorite residents’ homes and adds a ray of sunshine to their lives.

Unfortunately, on Sept. 28, someone evidently felt he was a pest and shot him in his hindquarters. Being a determined animal, he managed to drag himself home during the night and was found on the porch in the morning in agony and unable to move.

The individual who committed this heinous, inhumane act is certainly not a good example of a responsible gun owner. What other type of devious behavior is this individual capable of?

Please call the Bath Police Department if you can provide any helpful information regarding this incident.

Carol Dragash, Bath

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