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Let’s play two? Nah, let’s play 162

10/3/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Craig Marks

On the Mark — By Craig Marks

“Binge watching,” you’ve heard, is a modern-day fad

Devoting a week to watch, say, “Breaking Bad”

Now my binge-watching choice is something I hadn’t seen:

The Cleveland Indians season of 2013

I am watching the games in numerical order

All stored on my digital TV recorder

Every out, every inning, all the good and bad plays

All the golf programs shown during long rain delays

I do not know the outcomes, I had not done much readin’

The talk shows I heard only spoke about Weeden

My binging began when I put in Game One

And I’ll not leave the couch till the season is done

Now watching a season of ball in one sitting

Of course there’ll be times when you think about quitting

I came close while watching Tribe game 63

Their eighth straight defeat, guess it’s not meant to be

But in moments of weakness, a little voice says,

“Watch every pitch thrown, even those by Perez”

’Cause you just never know — they can turn it around

Imagine if Ubaldo’s old mojo is found

I watch future stars, like that catcher named Yan

And that gray-haired guy, Giambi, who hits it a ton

I vow to keep watching, right to the finale

And though it sounds crazy, I do sense a rally

But I beg you, don’t tell me! I’ll learn in due course

(Or when pried from the couch by some powerful force)

But that said, here’s one question, since I’ve come so far:

Should I make room for the playoffs on my DVR?

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