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Voter supports current Barberton court clerk

10/10/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Why would a state representative who won election with his promise to work for governmental change and to help people discard this pledge after barely one term? Could it possibly be to join the special interest groups this man vowed to fight? Could it be the tough job of running biennially? Or, could it just maybe have been the more than double paycheck Zack [Milkovich (D-District 35)] would receive?

This representative wants to bring efficiency to our efficient [Barberton] clerk’s office. This person wants to bring courtesy to our super courteous current group of service providers. Zack will bring dignity to one of the best-run professional clerk of courts offices in Ohio?

Milkovich has done a fair job helping those he vowed to help. If Zack is removed from this corner of legislative advocacy, it would be a shame, as he would find himself promoted to his level of incompetency.

The clerk’s office is tied to the legal side of all departments in the operations of the courts. Would it not seem intelligent to employ someone with an outstanding legal background? Well, that is the situation we are all fortunate to find with our municipal court clerk.

Let us continue with an efficient, courteous, dignified clerk’s office with political debts owed to no one!!!

Joe Fasek, Barberton

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