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Noise coming from Highland High School a nuisance, says resident

10/17/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The noise from these chiller units at Highland High School has to stop! Hospitals have had these same identical units installed and were made to shut them down because of the abnormal noise they cause. This has been an ongoing problem since the school has opened in 2004. The noise is not normal noise to the human ear, which has been proven from past items I have stated!

This is not noise like traffic, airplanes, motorcycles, farming or hunting noise that comes and goes. This chiller unit(s) noise is continuous during the day and on into the late evening hours. We in the area didn’t have to listen to such noise(s) prior to the construction of the new school.

In West Side Leader articles [in] August and September 2013, your [Granger] resolutions have to include this type of noise as a nuisance, and zero tolerance, which will involve the Sheriff’s Department.

[Granger] Trustee Richard Pace is wrong that reasonability should be a factor and that what would be reasonable during the day might not be reasonable late at night. Trustee Richard Pace and his family doesn’t hear that chiller noise at their home from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. It seems as long as this isn’t heard by these trustees and their families, that’s OK!

Hospitals were told that no noise shall come from installed chiller units. That means either all noise from chiller units had to completely stop or chiller units had to have covers to totally stop any and all noise!

I have noticed over the years that Sharon Township has had problems with excessive noise coming from a business’ ventilation systems. I have sent Granger trustees noise regulations from Sharon Township, and Neil Jones, zoning inspector, has offered to help Granger set up noise regulations in 2010, and again he stated he would again help as of Sept. 5, 2013. I told Granger Township Trustee John Ginley about this in 2010, and it should be on file at Granger Township. I don’t understand why Granger Township wouldn’t check with surrounding townships for professional help in writing some type of noise regulations for our township residents. I have concluded that Granger Township trustees are against the residents!

Tom Loeffler, Granger

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