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Woodridge resident supports incumbents

10/24/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Good leaders listen more, talk less. Great leaders apply the information obtained while listening to serve those they represent best. Excellent leaders go one step further by working together as a team to accomplish the goals before them.

Jan Flasco, Tammy Heffernan and Jeff McHugh represent excellent leadership as they routinely apply these critical skills during their roles on the Woodridge Local School Board. I know this from personal experience working closely with each of them on school-related projects. They have the experience and knowledge of the complex framework in which public education must operate as dictated by state laws. I can say unequivocally they lead with the best intentions to do what is right for the school district and our community.

At a time when public education faces significant challenges, this team has continually worked closely with the district to meet their objectives. They have wisely stretched tax dollars and have consistently worked with the district to maintain excellent educational standards. When a team is able to work together and provide positive outcomes, it is in the best interest of our community to keep that team intact.

If you question the importance of teamwork in public service you only need to look towards Congress to find your answer. That same level of chaos can be found in a smaller scale within public school boards as witnessed in other communities here in our own state. It has a significant negative impact on the effectiveness of our public education system. Considering the successful path Woodridge has enjoyed for many years, why would we as a community risk changing that?

Vote for Jan Flasco, Tammy Heffernan and Jeff McHugh for Woodridge Local School Board and maintain excellence for our district.

Scott Karlo, Cuyahoga Falls

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