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Resident wants Lockhart for mayor

10/24/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The city of New Franklin is an oasis of land and opportunity and is located in the southwest corner of Summit County. At this stage in our development, we need a “go to” mayor who has a business intellect and experience in the workings of government.

Bob Lockhart has all of these attributes with his experience as a longtime township trustee, mayor of New Franklin Village and local business owner. He has had a continuing interest in this community and has given land and money. In his business, he has provided jobs for the residents of this community for many years. He has provided workers and material to help the Tudor House. He has given prize money to the winners of the Memorial Day essay contest every year that he has been asked.

As a former township trustee, having worked with Bob Lockhart for many years, I can truthfully say that he is the reason that New Franklin has the best roads in Summit County today. To his credit, he devised the road pavement program where each year a section of the township roads were paved with asphalt instead of the lesser quality of chip and seal. Now all the roads have been permanently paved and will last far into the future with proper maintenance.

Bob Lockhart has declared his willingness to run for the office of mayor of this fledgling city. For this I am personally thankful. If elected on Nov. 5, we can look forward to progress that benefits the citizens of New Franklin.

Electing the right person to the office of mayor should be a vital concern for all of us. New Franklin needs water development of the downtown area to bring businesses to the city to help with our taxes. Water is needed in New Franklin along the lake and in areas where the water is not the best quality. Because Bob is also a developer, he knows how to handle the need for water. He also knows about handling the drainage problems experienced by many homeowners.

Please vote to elect Bob Lockhart mayor of New Franklin.

Frances Kalapodis, New Franklin

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