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Green man urges passage of ADM levy

10/24/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Now more than ever we are focusing on behavioral health as being one of our nation’s most burgeoning issues of the day. One in four of us have a diagnosable mental illness, and substance abuse is on the rise. The good news is treatment works and people do recover.

In November the citizens of Summit County are being asked to vote YES on Issue 1, the ADM [Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services] Board’s renewal levy. It is important we continue to support people and their families who struggle with behavioral health disorders every day. A yes vote pays for needed services for our military heroes and for people in crisis. It helps families care for loved ones with mental illness and helps keep our community safe by educating youth on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. It teaches young children with behavioral disorders how to interact with others enabling them to enter school ready to learn. Funding from the ADM Board is at work in our schools, court systems, hospitals and in our homes, and done with sound fiscal management and full transparency.

Voting for this levy will not increase your taxes, but will continue to help the most fragile among us get the help they need. On Nov. 5, I urge you to enable them to keep their programs and services in place.

Please join me in supporting Issue 1, the Summit County ADM Board’s renewal levy.

John Aller, Green

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