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A controversial logo, without question

10/31/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Craig Marks

Dear Cleveland Indians fan,

As you may have heard, the team is conducting a survey. We’d like your input on a variety of topics, including your thoughts on a particular logo that has been a point of controversy for some time.

Please choose the most appropriate answer.

To me, Chief Wahoo is:

  • like a member of my family.
  • like a member of my family I keep having to apologize for.


The last time I attended an Indians game:

  • I purchased memorabilia with Chief Wahoo on it.
  • I did not purchase memorabilia with Chief Wahoo on it.
  • “Frasier” was a popular show on TV.


In 1953, the Indians introduced a logo depicting Chief Wahoo wearing a crown. The thought behind this was:

  • To achieve your goal, you must actualize it.
  • Let’s see if this supreme act of hubris will jinx the team for the next half century.


I put on a Chief Wahoo sweatshirt because:

  • I want to make a statement that the controversy is overblown.
  • I want to show loyalty to my favorite team.
  • I am chilly.


Let’s say the current logo were “tweaked.” Which of these variations would you find most acceptable?

  • Chief Inspector Wahoo
  • Chef Wahoo
  • Dr. Hoo


If the Indians ever got rid of Chief Wahoo, the headline plastered on the sports page would be:

  • “Indians bow to political correctness”
  • “Indians make long overdue decision”
  • “Browns quarterback buys new pair of slacks”


Many years from now, long after Chief Wahoo is retired, the general consensus will be:

  • We can’t believe this logo was once considered acceptable.
  • We never should have gotten rid of it.
  • Back in the day, the mascot Slider was a man in a costume, not a living, breathing creature created through genetic engineering. My, how far we’ve come.


Thank you for completing this survey. We’ll tabulate the results, perform statistical analysis and create a painstakingly detailed book of charts and diagrams. Then we’ll count how many Chief Wahoo T-shirts have been sold in the team shop and take it from there.

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