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Green resident wants details on levy renewals

11/7/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Regarding the article in the South Side News Leader, Nov. 1, 2013, “Green district forecast showing negative balance” in 2017.

Green Local School District Treasurer Eydie Snowberger stated the forecast includes the assumption that voters will approve two emergency levy renewals as follows: a five-year $4.1 million levy due in 2014 and a five-year $4.8 million levy due in 2016.

Further stated: “Emergency levies collect fixed dollar amounts and are not affected by property values.”

With all due respect to the Green property owners, just what does the aforementioned smoke and mirrors statement mean exactly?

What it means to me is paying more taxes in 2015 and then again more in 2017. We just had a tax increase this year (2013) passed in 2012. Tell me we are not getting tax increases every two years!

Without having to go to the school board meeting, how about an explanation in the local papers?

Paul Tarr, Green


Editor’s note: According to Green Local Schools Treasurer Eydie Snowberger, emergency levies collect fixed dollar amounts, and the amount collected for the district is not affected by property values. However, when property values fall, individual property owners pay more to make up the difference in the amount due to the district. This is a minimal increase due to the large number of houses and businesses within the school district, according to Snowberger.

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