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Norton man glad for new Council members

11/21/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

A bolt of lightning does not compare to the speed of an editorial writer. The ballots were barely accumulated and counted yet the writer has already formed an opinion of the new members of Norton’s City Council.

Supplied with the brain of a microscopic one-cell organism, the author of the “hit piece” in a local Akron newspaper (Nov. 8) only wants to agitate decent citizens. Overwhelmingly, Norton residents voted for change. A vast majority of voters finally got wise to the damage some officials were inflicting on the city. The powerful incumbents were not just voted out, they were swept away with devastating force.

The continuous criticism is always the same story, blame Nash Heights. The information in the editorial informs the general public [of] the ignorance of the person behind the opinion.

Give a call to city hall; ask the mayor, request to see the plans, inquire to those serving on City Council. They will agree that plans have already been set to install sewers throughout Norton. Within the next five years close to every major neighborhood in Norton will be forced to pay the devastating price of an unwanted needless sewer system. Even brand-new septic systems will be dismantled and people will be forced to buy into a new sewer line. This has all been a very slow and deliberate plan. Using health agencies as a ruse has set up the preparation for this colossal costly intrusion on the public. It is a money-making venture to collect 27.5 percent of a utility bill, with a 2.5 percent annual rate increase. Do not think for a moment this will all stop at the Nash Heights section of town.

Most of the good old boys who forced this plan down our throats are now history. People in Norton are fed up with dirty politics and mismanagement.

Most former Council members were not the revitalization experts the people in Norton had expected. If they were, progress could have been established in the commercial zones that already have sewer and water infrastructure. The business people did not come because a few former political actors were downright liars. Sometimes innocently mentioning they were just being a little ambiguous.

Now in closing I want to use a medical analogy. The painful process of scraping away dead tissue just had to take place. It was very ugly and yes it had to be very public. It was however necessary so that new leaders can take control. The elected leaders will repair all the damage from the fallout. Progressively, deliberately and with precision the new leadership will rebuild Norton into what it should become. A vibrant city, fresh with new leadership and progress on the horizon.

Tom Kornas, Norton


Editor’s note: City residents, whose sewage is transported through Summit County sewer lines and waste treated by Barberton’s wastewater treatment plant, have been responsible for surcharges of 27.5 percent more than the current user rate the city of Barberton charges Barberton residents. The rate increases 2.5 percent annually.

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