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Neighbors applaud demolition of ‘deplorable’ home

12/12/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is a very gratifying letter in which I am about to write.

For over 15 years, we have tried to get action taken on the unoccupied (for six to eight years or more) property at 705 Highland Park Drive in New Franklin, and for over 15 years we have been listening with sympathetic ears saying, we understand, we are trying, not a lot that we can do, their taxes are up to date, etc., but then matters kept getting worse. The gas meter and electric lines leading to the house were severed [and] animals found a home and really started to tear the place up. A member of the Summit County [Public] Health was the only person permitted to enter the premises and found deplorable conditions — ceilings falling in, water several feet high in the basement, animal feces and horrendous odors and other violations too numerous to mention.

The owner of this property received several notices sent to them by the court giving them ample time to correct these violations. All were ignored, so the city of New Franklin had the house condemned, and the next step was a court order by the judge to have the property demolished, as it was unlivable. The property value of homes in our area would have dropped tremendously if this house remained.

We commend our New Franklin officials for the time spent to make all this possible and also for all the 25-28 residents on Highland Park for their signatures in supporting us. It takes time and perseverance, knowing all the facts and following the law.

The saga at 705 Highland Park Drive ended on Dec. 2, when this house was demolished, and we were told (not by New Franklin) that this may never happen, so never say never.

Marilyn and Paul Chuha, New Franklin

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