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Bath resident says community lacking in amenities

1/16/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I have lived in Bath Township for almost nine years now and love the Metro Parks, free concerts, Hale Farm, the history, but when it comes to offerings such as a community/rec for senior centers, we fall short. I have had this conversation over the years with other Bath residents not pleased with the unavailability of these facilities.

I would not expect sprawling buildings, but perhaps use of old structures that could be rehabilitated on land already used. Assuring no further destruction of precious green space and perhaps an outer appearance that lends itself to our rich history.

We pay pretty high taxes, and to think our community does not offer what many surrounding ones do.

Also paying for garbage removal and no leaf pick-up seems questionable. These services should be included in tax revenue.

I value this community and what it naturally offers in the way of green space and larger lots, but we need to consider the tax paying, aging population and families that have chosen to make this their home.

Patrice Faulhammer, Bath

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