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Bath resident says seniors deserve services

1/30/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I have been a member of Citizens for Bath Seniors since its founding three years ago, and am currently the president. I was very interested in Ms. Patrice Faulhammer’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 16-22 issue of the West Side Leader [“Bath resident says community lacking in amenities”], in which she made the same points that motivated our founding. (Ms. Faulhammer is not a member of Citizens for Bath Seniors.)

CBS’ founding objective was to convince Bath Township trustees that the one-third of the population that qualifies as senior citizens deserves additional township services. Bath youth have the use of well fertilized, mowed, chalked and dusted baseball facilities. Bath equestrians enjoy horse trails, constructed and maintained by Bath Township in the Bath Nature Preserve. I think it is excellent that the township provides services like these to its citizens. On March 7, 2011, in response to a request for similar services, the trustees told Citizens for Bath Seniors that Bath doesn’t “… fund any special interest groups or programs …” Really? If Bath youth and Bath equestrians aren’t “special interest groups,” why are Bath seniors?

Patricia McRowe, Bath

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