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Norton resident questions Council’s judgment

2/27/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Did you spend a little extra money when you purchased your property in Norton by buying land that didn’t flood annually (that river or stream is a clue)? Hope you saved that money because when Norton joins the Watershed Bailout Idiocy Pact, you’ll get to give it to people who build ground-level buildings in established flood plains. Some new City Council members have barely warmed the seat and they’re ready to pick up right where the last group, who believed no assessment is a bad idea, left off.

Who could know that twice a year you could take a boat ride down Barber Road? Everyone who’s lived in Norton in the last 200 years, and while I’m sorry for their lack of foresight, I don’t believe residents, churches and businesses elsewhere in town should pay for others’ poor judgment. This paying for others’ problems issue (Nash Heights sewers) was just resolved when the city successfully pitted the haves against the have-nots, so unless Council is a bunch of hypocrites, the issue is settled, right?

Wrong. Like lambs led to slaughter, our Council is ready to cede power, including eminent domain, to a judge and politically appointed body without guarantee of representation or knowledge of cost. Eminent domain in its current rendition allows the taking of private property not only for public projects but also for private businesses that know a better use for your property but don’t like the nuisance of having to pay you what you’re asking. The next test of eminent domain will come when one community strapped for land takes land from another for the greater good. Ahem. It’s time to take the Kick Norton Here sign from the last Council and have [it] tattooed across the foreheads of the new one.

Two predictions: One, shortly after passage by Council, new vehicles will be donated to the Police and/or Fire departments, something akin to trading Lake Erie to Canada for a string of beads and a gallon of moonshine; and two, Barberton will take the land north of their high school all the way to a body of water in Copley and Norton called the Barberton Reservoir. That would be Barber Road, where the businesses already advertise addresses as Barberton. Please kick here.

Dan Newman, Norton

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