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Resident offers name for Green Central Park

2/27/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As the Central Park project proceeds largely unnoticed and in a rather closed environment, before it arrives at the point of being identified by name, I feel if the project is pursued to construction I need to remind the community of the long and outstanding service to the township of Green and to the city of Green by an individual who epitomized public service — the late [and former] Fire Chief Mickele Calderone.

“Mike,” or “chief,” as he was usually referred to during community meetings or casual conversations, was the moving force in the transition from a volunteer fire service to the full-time, 24-hour service we rely on today. At the time of the transition, we enjoyed service that was the envy of area volunteer fire departments. Additionally, he oversaw and managed the creation of the full-time paramedic service, which is so critical to us all.

He was a strong advocate of training, [and] the extra hours he and his original volunteers spent largely were unnoticed by the general public, but maintenance of equipment was a detail he never allowed to be overlooked. A fire response was never considered finished until the equipment was restored to pristine condition. Consequently, he enjoyed the confidence of township trustees and early City Council [members] when he presented a request that continued the upgrade of his department. His advice and counsel was often asked for and relied on.

It was Green’s good fortune when Mike made the decision to move to Green. His record of service is unchallengeable, and we will continue to enjoy [the] benefit of his contributions for generations to come.

Therefore, I propose the new park be officially proclaimed the Mike Calderone Central Park of Green. It is a gesture miniscule in proportion to what his enduring service contribution has meant to Green. While it is recognition he would decline, it is in reality a small measure of thanks and respect for his dedication to this community.

Please make city officials aware of your sentiments with regard to this proposal.

Don Sample, Green

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