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Bath resident does not desire city living

3/6/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I read the responses to my [letter to the editor, “Bath resident says communities lacking in amenities,” Jan. 16, 2014, West Side Leader]. I have to agree with both. I am not a senior citizen, but I am a resident of Bath and will end up a senior citizen here in less than 20 years.

My perspective today is I understand that we do not pay city taxes and, of course, I like that about being in a township. I also value the fact we are not a city. I moved here to get away from the city environment and do not desire to revisit that.

I like the idea of a small community/rec building. My husband and I seek out activities that are offered by the community when we can and thoroughly enjoy them. A small town like ours lends itself to a gathering place for all ages. I like the idea one wrote about perhaps co-mingling with Richfield.

As far as trash pick-up, with only two people we have very little garbage. There are other cities that offer different plans for the size of your family. We have about three to four bags of garbage a month typically and recycle the rest. Leaf pick-up is not as much of a concern; we do compost leaves.

I have noticed over the years the cycle of creating suburbs to escape the city and then morphing it into a city environment. I will never understand the need to seek green space and get away from urban living and then want all the same trappings. I think each has its merits, but I choose to reside where there are no city sewers and shopping centers at every turn.

Patrice Faulhammer, Bath

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