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West Akronite has St. Patrick’s Day wish for health care reform

3/20/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

There has been a lot of news lately about the problems of www.Healthcare.gov and the Affordable Health Care Act. It began as an exciting idea that if we simply provide health insurance to all those millions of uninsured people in America our problems would be solved. Understanding our health care system is desperately in need of reform, the liberal answer was to just hand over the whole thing to the government and make it “free.” The basic assumption is that because you need it, it should be provided free and made available regardless of any pre-existing conditions.

Knowing that health care represents 1/5-1/4 of the economy is in itself a wrong that should be fixed; we need to reform the system in a reasonable and democratic way. The cost for the same basic hospital procedures can vary considerably in different regions and hospitals. Is that fair? Is that a result of a system that is already entrenched in the corruption of the Medicare system?

We’ve seen this pattern over and over again and we know the results. Just legislate this “fix” to social problems and they will all go away. The problem is they don’t go away. They only get more expensive and grow and grow and never really fix the social problems. We’ve legalized abortion as a cure for single mothers having to raise their kids in poverty and increased food stamps, welfare and unemployment to help fight poverty. As a result, we have the highest standard of poor in the world and millions of people stuck in a generational trap with no hope but to ask for more. This is the biggest welfare package since the New Deal. And it comes at a time of low employment and astronomical debt increases.

The usual path to a good heath plan, employer-based plans that shared the costs with the employee were what I always thought of as incentive to study, work hard and get a good job with benefits. I know we must have a social safety net for those who absolutely cannot get help, but within some reasonable way. Now employers are forced to cut full-time employees so they don’t have to cover. This whole thing was hyped so much by Congress to just pass this, never mind the small print, the thousands of pages of burdensome regulations and bureaucracy we didn’t want. Not to mention we cannot afford. We are already broke.

The website www.Heathcare.gov is a miserable disaster, and so poorly designed it failed to work for several months. [President Barack] Obama has run roughshod over our Constitution and made presidential edicts to change the plan 20 times since its implementation as he scrambles to patch up a leaking ship. His threats of “I have a pen and I’ll use it” should shame anyone who voted for him to represent the people according to the Constitution.

So, my wish is for our St. O’bama to drive out all the snakes in Washington this fall and take them all on a one-way shuttle trip to find water on Mars. We may just get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — a repeal of the plan and a chance to move forward with reform in a thought-out, democratic way.

Kurt Davis, West Akron

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