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Reader questions school goals, rewards

3/20/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’m writing in response to an article in your March 6, 2014, edition of the West Side Leader entitled, “Woodridge Intermediate principal puckers up for pigs.”

In glancing, I didn’t think that an article about a teacher kissing a pig was really worthy of reading. But I did. And I am still in shock. Not about kissing the pig, but about the bizarre program initiated by the Woodridge Intermediate School which resulted in this action.

In an effort to improve student behavior, monthly “goals” have been established. It is considered “good” if they experience “no more than 10 reports of bullying incidents; no more than 20 referrals to the office; no more than 10 busing referrals and no more than 300 referrals for incomplete homework assignments.” Seriously? This is good?

As a “reward” for meeting these goals, the students win the opportunity to watch the Intermediate principal do or have done to her something humiliating. Well, there was one mention of something more innocuous wherein the children were able to watch a movie … but kissing a pig, rapping to Vanilla Ice on Facebook, and the upcoming promise in March that students may have the opportunity to “duct tape” their principal to a wall (oh, what fun!) are the incentives offered to bribe proper behavior.

In the “old days” students behaved because they respected their educators. How can this woman be perceived as any kind of credible mentor when she exhibits so little self-respect?

What astounds me most is that apparently the parents of Woodridge students think this is all just fine.

Janis Seward, Akron

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