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Two Norton charter amendments on May ballot

4/24/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Issue No. 9, charter amendment to Section 4.02 qualifications, removes the requirement that the city administrator must live in the city or move into the city within six months. A “yes” vote would indicate approval of the position being filled by someone that does not live in Norton. A “no” vote would indicate that the voter wants the position filled by someone that actually lives in Norton. As an example, our current interim administrator lives in Cuyahoga Falls and the passage (a “yes” vote) of the charter amendment would allow her to remain living in Cuyahoga Falls and possibly be awarded the permanent position without being required to live in Norton.

Issue No. 10, charter amendment to Section 5.03(B) approval of contracts, requires Board of Control and Council approval of competitive contract bidding on contracts in excess of $25,000 as opposed to the State’s current $50,000 limit. Without the city stating a set limit within the charter, the state could increase the $50,000 to a higher amount as was done in 2012 when the amount was doubled and Norton would be required to follow it. It also requires Board of Control and Council approval for expenditures, not requiring bidding, that exceed $10,000. A “yes” vote indicates the voter wants tighter control and more accountability of the dollars spent by the city. A “no” vote would allow the bidding level to be controlled by state law and larger amounts to be spent without Council approval on non-bidding projects.

Charlotte Whipkey, Norton City Council vice president and at-large representative

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