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Former poll worker urges residents to vote

4/24/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This letter is intended for those who do not ever vote.

I am a voter advocate and have always voted, except when I served in a war zone, Vietnam. Believe it or not, every vote is important. An election or an important issue could be voted down by one vote.

When I worked as a poll worker in Akron, some voters, especially during presidential and governor’s races, get upset at standing in line a long time. Solution: vote absentee, in the comfort of your home. Then there is no excuse.

If you care about where you live, then it’s your right to vote your conscience. If you don’t care, move to a country where you are not allowed to vote.

May 6 is our Ohio Primary. Do your part. Vote! Unless you are dead, no reason not to.

Also, vote at your local board of elections.

Jack Colman, West Akron

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