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Ohio Voter Bill of Rights needed, says Norton resident

5/15/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Dear brothers and sisters of the state of Ohio:

The Republican [controlled] House [of Representatives] passed and Gov. [John] Kasich signed into law three bills restricting voting in our state on the pretense that it would stop voter fraud. The bills in my opinion are singling out the poor, people of color, the elderly and the young people in college. These bills will make it harder to vote. For some people, it will make it impossible.

I am listing some of the points for the bill Gov. Kasich signed into law:

  1. Reduce early voting days and deny evening and weekend voting.
  2. Remove eligible voters from voting rolls.
  3. Prohibit county Boards of Election from broadly mailing absentee ballot applications to registered voters.
  4. Systematically throw out legitimate votes cast by registered voters.

Our Petition, the Ohio Voter Bill of Rights will:

  1. Make voter registration of all eligible citizens easy and accessible.
  2. Maintain the 35 days early voting period.
  3. Maintain current options of voter ID and expand those options to student voters.
  4. Ensure that a ballot will not be rejected as a result of poll worker errors or voting in the wrong poll.
  5. 5. Allow absentee ballot applications to be mailed to all voters.

Folks, we, the voters, need to stand up now before we lose the right to vote altogether. Don’t forget about what we did on Senate Bill 5.

In our state, these petitions are being circulated to stop Gov. Kasich. But you all have to get involved and sign these petitions to get it on the ballot Nov. 4. We only have until June 15. If you would like to sign, contact your local union in your neighborhood.

If we don’t stand up now, we will for sure lay down later.

Charlie Lemon, Norton

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