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Mergers not improving quality of care, says doc

6/19/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The two Akron hospitals have been actively downsizing for financial reasons. This requires the loss of jobs from each institution.

Patients are actively sought by these two top-notch institutions. Along comes University Hospitals from Cleveland that recruits from local physicians and have taken over the instruction of the Bath EMS. Bath EMS now delivers patients to University Hospitals. This inevitably will cause more layoffs in our Akron hospitals.

The media also reported that University Hospitals was opening an emergency room on Embassy Parkway, practically within sight of the Akron General [Medical Center] emergency room in Bath. I think Bath residents should wake up that the next sounds they hear may be helicopters flying the acutely ill to University Hospitals.

There is absolutely no need for this to happen as the care in our Akron hospitals is on par with University Hospitals and in some fields better.

If this continues, it is obvious more Akron jobs will be lost with no improvement in the quality of care in the Akron medical community.

Dr. Robert Hemphill, Bath

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