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Norton resident grateful for Council ‘newbies’

6/26/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

During the June 19 Norton Council meeting [at-large Councilwoman] Ms. [Charlotte] Whipkey referred to our newly elected Council members as “newbies.”

After the November election and prior to taking the oath of office, Mr. [Rick] Rodgers [Ward 1] and Mr. [Dennis] Pierson [Ward 3] were diligently pursuing an alternate solution to the high cost of a city-driven sewer project. That solution is a [vacuum sewer] system, an idea that was brought to their attention by Mr. Paul Tousley [Ward 4]. This system will save the residents of Nash Heights money on assessments and the additional costs associated with the elimination of their septic systems, not to mention the savings to the city in construction costs.

I have never heard the three Council at-large members doing any research for an alternate plan, help or cost-saving measures for the residents.

Thank you, newbies, you have thought outside of the box and looked out for the residents by researching new and innovative ways to save all of us money.

When voters went to the polls last November, we voted for change, and we will continue to change the governing of this city. Recycling of past former politicians is over.

Patricia Reese, Norton

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