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New Franklin man questions president

3/16/2017 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Here is a poem I wrote that came to me surrounding all this “going nowhere policy” of President [Donald] Trump in his first 90 days. Only three years and nine more months to get a lot done. He’s already wasted nearly 90 days with ZERO done.

Drama King Trump

Drama “King Trump” needs to do less with the tweets,

And remember all those campaign promises he has to keep,

Take a serious look at the cost of The Wall, Obamacare,

Travel and immigration bans,

Our country so divided, all across this great land!

The promise to cut taxes, yet build up our military

At costs, not recently seen;

While it’s costing us, the taxpayers, more each weekend!

With vacations, secured travel expenses, without end.

It’s time to get serious, time to get real,

Or pretty soon, the American voter will really let

You know how we feel!!!!

Ray Wright, New Franklin

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