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1/9/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Filing complaint against valuation of real estate deadline March 31

SUMMIT COUNTY — County Fiscal Officer Kristen Scalise reminds taxpayers that the Board of Revision began accepting complaints against the valuation of their real estate Jan. 1. The deadline to file a complaint form (DTE 1) is March 31.

The Summit County Board of Revision reviews complaints about property values. Taxpayers who do not agree with the valuation of their property have the opportunity to file a complaint with the Board of Revision for review of property values. When a complaint is filed, the board will schedule a hearing to consider any testimony or evidence presented; then it will issue its decision on whether an adjustment should be made to the property valuation. The board does not hear complaints regarding real estate taxes.

Complaint forms are required to be signed, dated and notarized. Submissions must be postmarked on or before March 31. Complaint forms can be hand delivered or mailed to the Summit County Fiscal Office, 175 S. Main St., Room 302, Akron OH 44308 or the satellite office at Summit County Board of Revision, 2525 State Road, Room 153, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223.

Property owners may obtain a complaint form by calling 330-643-2631 or by visiting www.fiscaloffice.summitoh.net and choosing the Board of Revision Complaint link.

Board of Revision members are the fiscal officer, county executive and county clerk of courts or their representatives.


Medina County 2014 tax bills posted online

MEDINA COUNTY — County Auditor Mike Kovack has announced that tax bill and property value information for calendar year 2014 is now posted online at www.medinacountyauditor.org

To find a property, click on “Property Srch” near the top. Put in as little information as possible to find the property — use only your name or address and avoid “street,” “avenue,” etc. Hit submit or enter. When your property comes up, click your parcel number to the right. When your property comes up, click on “Tax Bill” near the top. The amount on the bottom left represents the first half bill, and the amount on the bottom right represents the full year bill.

2014 tax bills are expected to be mailed in mid-January by the Medina County Treasurer’s Office, and the tentative due date for first-half Medina County taxes is Feb. 14. Any property owner who wishes to appeal his or her valuation for 2014 must file a formal appeal with the Medina County Board of Revision no later than March 31.


2013 CAUV values increase in Medina County

MEDINA COUNTY — According to County Auditor Mike Kovack, many Medina County agricultural landowners might be surprised when they open their 2014 tax bills.

For those on Current Agricultural Use Values (CAUV) program, property values have increased several hundred percent over 2010 CAUV values, depending on soil type, Kovack said. Ohio has approximately 3,500 soil types. 

Unlike fair market value appraisals, CAUV values are calculated by the Ohio Department of Taxation by a formula based on five factors. The CAUV soil rates allow land to be taxed based on its agricultural value, rather than fair market value, which is considerably higher. The county auditor has no control over the calculation performed by the state, according to Kovack, who added the auditor’s role in this regard is simply to apply the results of the predetermined calculation from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

The five factors the Ohio Department of Taxation uses in calculating CAUV land values are yield information, cropping patterns, crop prices, nonland production costs and the capitalization rate. CAUV rates are updated every three years, and current rates were updated because of the state-mandated 2013 sexennial reappraisal.

Even with the significantly increased CAUV values, farmers are paying taxes on values significantly less than those not on the CAUV program, Kovack said. In 2012, the statewide average value for CAUV acreage was $994, compared to $3,044 per acre for agricultural acreage not in the CAUV program. Because the county auditor has no role in setting the CAUV values, there is no appeal available to land owners at the local level, Kovack added.

Additional information regarding CAUV values is available at www.medinacountyauditor.org. For more information, call the auditor’s office at 330-725-9765.


Dominion East Ohio explains Standard Choice Offer/Standard Service Offer

GREATER AKRON — Choice-eligible customers, who do not purchase gas from an Energy Choice supplier or participate in a governmental aggregation program, formerly received natural gas from Dominion East Ohio under the Standard Service Offer (SSO).

According to Dominion East Ohio officials, in April 2009, Dominion East Ohio began assigning these customers to an approved retail gas supplier under the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) and identifying that supplier on the bill. All SCO customers pay the same rate for natural gas, no matter which supplier is assigned to them. As with the SSO, the SCO changes monthly, based on national natural gas market prices, according to Dominion East Ohio officials.

Effective Jan. 14, the SCO/SSO rates will be $5.007 per thousand cubic feet (mcf), according to Dominion East Ohio officials. The new rates are 58.9 cents, or 13.3 percent, higher than the December 2013 SCO/SSO rates of $4.418/mcf. The new rates are $1.053, or 26.6 percent, higher than the January 2013 SCO/SSO rates of $3.954/mcf. Under the new filing, the average SCO/SSO residential customer’s bill for January would be $121.73, up $4.53, or 3.9 percent, from $117.20 in January 2013.

According to Dominion East Ohio officials, all Dominion East Ohio residential customers also pay a total monthly charge of $22.01, which includes $4.06 for the Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement Cost Recovery charge and 37 cents for the Automated Meter Reading Recovery charge. Residential customers also pay applicable riders totaling $0.3069/mcf.

The company will continue to offer the SSO for Percentage of Income Payment Plan customers and those who are not eligible to participate in Energy Choice. By state law, Dominion East Ohio cannot earn a profit on the SCO and SSO, according to Dominion East Ohio officials.

The SCO and SSO prices are identical, $5.007/mcf, based on the results of an auction, held Feb. 19, under Public Utilities Commission of Ohio supervision, according to Dominion East Ohio officials. The auction determined an adder, or Retail Price Adjustment, of 60 cents/mcf, which combined with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) monthly closing price ($4.407 per mcf) to determine the January 2014 SCO and SSO prices.

According to Dominion East Ohio officials, customers assigned to an SCO supplier will be free at any time to enroll with a different Energy Choice supplier or participate in an aggregation program. SCO customers can evaluate their options at www.dominiongaschoice.com, which provides interactive, one-stop shopping information. Dominion East Ohio supports the site, working with the PUCO, the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC), natural gas suppliers and community organizations, according to Dominion East Ohio officials.


Stephanie Kist and Maria Lindsay contributed to these reports.

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