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3/6/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Dominion East Ohio offering lower rates in March

NORTHEAST OHIO — Effective March 14, the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) and Standard Service Officer (SSO) rates for Dominion East Ohio customers will be $5.455 per thousand cubic feet (mcf), according to Neil Durbin, senior communications specialist.

The new rates are 70.2 cents, or 11.4 percent, lower than the February SCO/SSO rates of $6.157 per mcf, according to Durbin. The new rates are $1.428, or 35.5 percent, higher than the March 2013 SCO/SSO rates of $4.027. The increase reflects higher national market prices due to colder-than-normal winter weather compared with a year ago, said Durbin.

According to Dominion officials, the rates are for choice-eligible customers, who do not purchase gas from an Energy Choice supplier or participate in a governmental aggregation program.

Under the new filing, the average SCO/SSO residential customer’s bill for March 2014 would be $110.91, according to Dominion officials.

The SCO and SSO prices are identical, $5.455 per mcf, based on the results of an auction held Feb. 19, 2013, under Public Utilities Commission of Ohio supervision. The auction determined an adder, or Retail Price Adjustment, of 60 cents per mcf, which combined with the New York Mercantile Exchange monthly closing price ($4.855 per mcf), to determine the March 2014 SCO and SSO prices.

Customers can evaluate their options at www.dominiongaschoice.com.


Ariel Hakim contributed to this report.

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