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Copley girls bowling program growing in first ‘official’ season

1/17/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

COPLEY — According to head coach Brad Bennett, the Copley High School girls bowling program has grown by “leaps and bounds this year.”

“There are 11 girls on the first official girls varsity and junior varsity [JV] bowling teams in Copley history,” he stated. “We have gone from girls bowling on the boys team, to last year having just enough to fill most matches, to having enough for a varsity and a JV team.”

Bennett said this year’s team has only two players back from last year: sophomore Bria Diamond and junior Julia Walton.

“Bria is very positive. She is consistent. She is slowly working her way up. Right now, she has the first- or second-highest average on the team based on the last couple of games. She is among the top averagers on the team. She is well-driven and focused on bowling,” he said. “Julia was a JV player last year, and she is on the varsity now. She has brought her average up a bit, but she’s still working her way up from the middle of the pack. She is someone you can count on.”

Leading the newcomers this year is junior Madison Deckert, who currently has the highest average on the varsity team.

“She is one of my top two bowlers. She is bowling at 126 or 127 overall for the year, but she started the year in the 120s and is now up in the 140s,” Bennett said. “She is in a leadership-type role, and she has good technique. She’s able to help the other girls as far as giving them pointers and things like that. She understands a lot about the game.”

In addition, Bennett said, three underclassmen bowlers have made key contributions in their first seasons with the team.

“Haley Drechsler has the second-highest average and highest game of 161 on the team. She has a great shot and great form. She’s just focusing in on her game, and she’s ready to really break out. She’s a great prospect,” the coach said. “Kit Hall and Maria Brown have brought energy and enthusiasm to this year’s team and are improving each match. Kit has a hurt right arm and she’s bowling left handed, but she’s still keeping up a 100 to 110 average. Maria has had some good games but is still learning the game. She’s come on a long way, from the 60s and 70s to 105 to 100, and is still improving. She’s making great progress.”

The remaining five players are freshmen Alana Hodges, Christine Howard, Elizabeth McLean, Nina Rejon and Kymberlee Smith.

“They started the year wondering if this new sport was for them, and not only have they figured out it’s for them, but they have embraced it and are a great addition to our team,” the coach said. “As a matter of fact, when we bowled against Wadsworth the other night, the JV team actually posted a better score than our varsity.”

Bennett said the girls bowling program is “on the right road.”

“We are a young team, and with the strides we have already made, combined with a good work ethic and some confidence boosting, we will keep breaking individual and team records throughout the season,” he stated. “We have a lot of up-and-coming girls that are now kind of dedicated to this sport, which they just started. A lot of them came in as brand new bowlers, but not only are they getting better, they’re having fun. And that’s important, too.”

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