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New Revere softball coach making changes this season

4/18/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

BATH — After the Revere High School softball team finished 7-19 last year, incoming head coach Gina Hartranft said she believed some changes were necessary to turn the program around.

“As new coach, I first looked to bring on a good assistant. Dave Camp has 20-plus years of experience in softball, along with pitching and hitting experience,” she said. “Second, we wanted to change our attitudes and how we approach the game. We want our kids to give maximum effort every day, play with pride and, most of all, with heart. We expect 12 girls every day working together as a team.”

According to Hartranft, playing together as a team is becoming a strength for the team.

“[We have] 12 girls and two coaches all on the same page working hard everyday — believing in themselves, their teammates and the coaches,” she said. “Their attitudes will be the key to our success this year.”

Hartranft said this year’s team is led by a trio of seniors.

“Shortstop Anna Warren is an overall great athlete with incredible athleticism who brings tremendous leadership to our team along with a strong bat and solid defense,” the coach stated. “Liz Papas has taken on her role in the outfield and has also stepped up on being a leader and really working hard in her position. She has a good bat and great attitude. Angie Edel has a great work ethic, is hard working and has a solid bat. Angie will see some time as a pitcher with her off speed and good ball movement.”

Revere also has a strong core of juniors this season, Hartranft said. Those juniors (with comments on each by the coach) are:

  • Kaylyn Roose, catcher: “She has an incredible arm and is not afraid to throw out runners. She has a solid bat with some speed and is smart on the bases.”
  • Marissa Staats, infielder: “She transitioned from third base to second base seamlessly. She works hard at her position and is very strong at the plate.”
  • Nicole Heckman, outfield: “A lefty who works hard, she has good speed in the field and good power at the plate.”
  • Lauren Weidinger: “She is a pitcher who has been starting for us and really doing a great job. She is working on location and managing the game. She also has a strong bat.”
  • Hailee Zendlo, outfield: “She really plays her position well. She knows where to be at all times and is very disciplined at the plate.”

In addition, Hartranft said, the team features three promising underclassmen.

“Sophomore pitcher/outfielder Demi Boyazis is a great athlete who gives tremendous effort. She has a strong bat and is defensively solid. She will also be a part of our pitching with good speed and great approach,” the coach said. “Sophomore infielder Sophie Demjanovk has a strong bat with solid defense. Sophie is a great utility player. And freshman third baseman Hailey Hujer is really working hard at her new position and understanding how to play it. She is very confident at the plate with a great bat, and she’s a really good kid who has a lot of potential.”

Hartranft said Revere’s pitching is “really starting to come together.”

“Dave works hard with the girls not only on pitches, but understanding the game and how and why you pitch to batters, counts, etc.,” she said. “They are very receptive, and we have three really good pitchers that are very different, which brings a great variety to our team.”

At the plate, Hartranft said, the team’s hitters are “starting to make good contact and put the ball in play.”

Hartranft said her team has the ability to make some noise this season.

“We believe that if our kids do what we ask of them every day, they will have great success this year,” she said. “Our realistic goals are to be competitive and improve our record, but, most importantly, to play every game with heart. If they do that, they will be happy and the results will be great.”

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