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Coventry girls bowling team off to successful start

1/9/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

COVENTRY — First-year Coventry High School girls bowling head coach Aaron Rose said he has been glad to see how much fun his players are having.

“The girls really seem to be enjoying the season,” he stated. “This is also a group that wants to go out and work hard and play well for me. I’ve got a group of kids that just want to go out there and do their best, and for the most part, they have been dominating.”

According to Rose, the team has a good blend of experience.

“We have three returning starters from last year and two new students,” he said. “We have two senior girls.”

Senior Karlee Evans is one of the team’s returning starters.

“She’s probably our best bowler. This is her fourth year on the team — she’s a four-year letterman — and she probably had the highest average on the team,” Rose said. “She just knows the game of bowling. She’s been born and raised bowling pretty much all her life, and she actually helps me coach at times, because she’s always watching the rest of the players and giving them tips and suggestions. She really knows what she’s doing, and she will be looking to further her career in college.”

The team’s other senior this year is Kayln Snyder, who is Coventry’s first alternate, the coach said.

“She’s had to step in this past week to cover for us,” he said. “Being a senior, she’s not afraid to be part of the team. When given the opportunity, she comes right in and helps out. She knows we’re not always going to need her, but she doesn’t get discouraged. She’s ready to go when called upon.”

In addition to Evans, Coventry’s other returning starters are juniors Kayla Jackson and Kailey Lushes.

“Kayla is just real consistent. She’s the one who — with Karlee out right now on vacation — is the leader of the team. In our last match, against Ravenna, she bowled a 214 and a 234. If the team doesn’t make it to states, which I think we can do, but if the team doesn’t make it, she has a shot individually to make it there,” the coach said. “Kailey has been on the bowling team all three years. She’s a really nice girl and she has a really good attitude. She’s our fifth starter, and I usually go back and forth between her and Kayln. I’m glad I have her on the team.”

Two underclassmen who play key roles on this year’s team, Rose said, are sophomore Haley Boatwright and freshman Kailee Evans.

“This is Haley’s first year on the team and right off the bat she bowled like a 202 and a 233 to help us get a big win against Green. She’s a little bit up and down, but she’s usually good,” the coach said. “Kailee is the sister of Karlee and she’s also been bowling her whole life. She has a really great attitude, and she is the one on the team who is always looking to have a little fun. She’s a pretty good bowler, too.”

The team’s overall record through Jan. 5 was 6-1, and Rose said his players are only getting better.

“Everyone has improved, even some of the younger girls,” he said. “And once we’re at full strength, we shouldn’t lose a match the rest of the season, if we bowl to our full potential. I really think this team has great potential to go down to states as a team.”

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