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Revere girls lacrosse team working to create memorable season

4/17/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

BATH — Head coach Christina Michalos is in her first year as Revere High School’s head girls lacrosse coach after serving three seasons as an assistant coach for the team.

The players who were freshmen when Michalos joined the squad are now seniors, and the coach said she couldn’t have selected a better class of 12th-graders for her first year in charge.

“All of our seniors are really great this year,” she said. “They’re all working together and they all bring something great to the team. I think this is an awesome group, and they all have terrific attitudes. When they work together, it’s incredible.”

The seniors on this year’s team (with comments on each player by the coach) are as follows:

  • Maddie Holvey: “She is an incredible athlete and also a great person. When I first started coaching here, she was a freshman and I was impressed with her then. It’s been great to see her grow up and get even better as a player. She’s also a very smart girl.”
  • Shelly Simko: “Shelly is a great player. She’s really supportive of everyone on the team. She is always helping the younger girls to learn. She’s a great captain. She’s always speaking up, and that’s what a captain should do.”
  • Quincy Bolender: “She’s a goofball. Quincy is always making everyone laugh. Plus, she’s an awesome athlete. She’s a great defender and how hard she works really sets the bar for the team. She’s always pushing herself.”
  • Abby Anacki: “Abby is always working hard, too. The amount she has improved from where she was when she started to where she is now has been awesome. She’s definitely a good player and she is always supportive of all the younger players.”
  • Megan Mortimer: “She is a really solid low attacker. She has great stick skills and we can always count on her down low. Megan has a really great attitude. She’s had to endure some injuries, but she’s always there for us. She’s a really good person.”
  • Kasey Evans: “Kasey has been playing all four years and is a huge part of the team. She always has a really great attitude, and she’s always positive. She is also a good low attacker who has great stick skills. It’s great to have her on the team.”
  • Niki Panayiotou: “Niki is a very important part of the team. She is a great defender and a great girl. She always has a great attitude and is always helping the younger girls learn. She had an injury preseason, but always still makes herself a part of the team.”

In addition to the strong senior class, Michalos said, Revere features a nice group of young players joining the squad this season.

“We have a huge group of freshmen that just came up, and they’re all working really hard. It’s really awesome,” she said. “Every single one of them works hard, and it’s impressive.”

According to Michalos, this year’s team has the ability and the desire to create a special season.

“I think we are ready to really hit the ground running and do really well,” she said. “I believe that we could win states. That’s always a goal, and the girls that we have — the talent we have on our team — is undeniable. If the team continues to work successfully as a unit, that’s how we will be able to take it all the way.”

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