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RubberDucks lose to Portland

6/19/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Regina Angeletti

DOWNTOWN AKRON — After a long winter, the people of Akron were ecstatic for summer to roll around and baseball season to start, including myself. This season our Akron RubberDucks got some work done. The kind of work you want people to notice. With new additions to the stadium, a new logo and name, the Akron RubberDucks were ready to play ball!

On June 15, I was granted the opportunity to participate in the Akron RubberDucks’ Journalism Day. Not only did I get to write this article you’re currently reading, I got to interview players and coaches and sit in the press box. As soon as I was welcomed into the stadium, I could immediately feel the buzz of energy only brought about by the morning of a game day. All of the staff — from groundskeepers, interns, scoreboard workers and scorekeepers — had a certain aura of excitement, fun and efficiency, including the players and management.

In an interview with manager Dave Wallace (known as Wally to his co-workers), he told me of the players’ great dedication and love of the game. This is his fourth year of coaching the team. Prior to this, he played baseball for seven years. I asked him what it was like to transition from receiving advice to giving it.

He answered, “It’s different ... but cool to pass along advice I got and giving it to one of my players. It’s just one big chain of information.” 

That particular game, the RubberDucks lost 8-0 to the Portland Sea Dogs and sometimes that’s going to happen.

“Baseball’s a long season,” he said.

As I learned from my softball coach, “It’s hard to hold on to success.” After the game, I got the chance to talk to a very humble Francisco Lindor. With a lot of talk on him playing for the Indians in the near future he commented, “I’m just trying to work and get there. And when I get there it will be fun, I’m sure.”

All in all, the experience of the day’s length both excited and amazed me. The environment created by players, staff and fans reminded me about what America’s favorite pastime is and was all about. Love of the game.


Editor’s note: The West Side Leader and the Akron RubberDucks are presenting an opportunity for young, aspiring journalists in fourth through 11th grades to see what it’s like to cover a professional baseball team for a day through Aug. 31. To apply for the West Side Leader Journalism Day, candidates need to submit why they should be considered in 50 words or less to reporter@akronrubberducks.com. Winners will be notified three to seven days before the game date.

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