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Revere athletic director retiring

6/19/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Sean Patrick

Revere High School Athletic Director Bill Schumacher is retiring July 31.
Photo courtesy of Bill Schumacher
BATH — After 33 years as an athletic director — including the past five years at Revere High School — Bill Schumacher is wrapping up some final business before heading into retirement.

Schumacher, whose last day on the job will be July 31, said it’s hard to believe how fast the time has flown by.

“In this kind of job, you’re always moving along. But then, the next thing you know, it’s been 33 years,” he said. “But I’ve loved every minute of it ... well, not every minute, but most of the minutes of it.”

One of Schumacher’s proudest moments as an athletic director at Revere was “being part of a state championship soccer team.”

“That was a first in my 33 years. I mean, I didn’t particularly do anything but help behind the scenes, but that was a very good experience,” he said. “I have also won a lot of individual awards, but those are just pieces of metal and wood that hang on the wall — if you choose to put them on the wall. I think the bottom line is that I have always viewed my role as being up in the catbird seat. I get to work with 22 different sports, plus middle school, and I can’t begin to tell you how many kids that I’ve had association with over the years. Its gotta be in the tens of thousands.”

Schumacher said he will always have fond memories of his time spent working at Revere.

“I think the kids here are some of the best kids that I’ve come across,” he said. “I have one particular memory that stands out, and I talk about this every once in a while. There was a kid named Brandon Peterson who graduated a couple of years ago. Brandon played football and was genuinely the all-around, all-American kid. He was one of those consummate athletes. Sometimes, seniors don’t play a spring sport because they want to get moving on to other stuff. Well, we were at Nordonia for the district meet and Brandon had just run the hurdles. He didn’t place. But he came over to do his last jump for the pole vault, and he did his all-time best. The coach was just ecstatic and the expression on Brandon’s face was priceless. To me, that’s one of the most vivid memories I have of watching a kid be involved in athletics and excelling. It’s something that has always stuck with me. To me, that’s what high school athletics are all about.”

Taking over for Schumacher will be Bill Conley, and the outgoing athletic director said his successor is a good choice for the position.

“He will do a fine job,” Schumacher stated. “It’s kind of ironic because my background is in special education, before I became an athletic director and a coach, and so is his. When I came from Chagrin, I was both the assistant principal and the athletic director, and that’s what he’s coming here with from Chippewa. It’s the same thing, except he’s probably a few years younger than me. “

After his retirement from Revere, Schumacher said he will continue to be involved in education and high school athletics.

“I still teach a class through Notre Dame College [in South Euclid]. They would like me to expand on that a little bit,” he said. “I will still be involved with the state AD’s office, where I’m the awards chair, and I will help out with the Ohio High School Athletic Association in the Northeast District. But I don’t have any plans of working full time again.”

Schumacher said he will spend the remainder of his time at Revere making “the transition as smooth as possible for the next guy.”

“What I’ve done is to take care of the nuts and bolts so that he won’t have to worry about too much of that when he starts,” he said. “My suggestion to him would be to just get to know the people — kids, coaches, parents, etc. — just get to know the community. As for me, it’s been a nice ride and, in the vernacular of track, it’s time to pass the baton.”

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