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Pets / Pet Supplies

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YOU Can SAVE COUNTLESS ANIMALS' LIVES!! Become A Foster for Paws & Prayers! --------------- It will cost you nothing but your time...the animals need you! All supplies and medical care are covered by Paws & Prayers. As a foster, you choose who, when and how many foster animals you would like with all the help you can ask for in our group of experienced fosters. Show off your foster at events at local adoption events 2x/month to help them find a forever home! If you are an animal lover you will relish in the joy of seeing your foster find their new home and how a smile comes to their face in pictures you will surely get from their new family! How rewarding it is to foster...you won't believe it only cost you your time! The animals actually give back to you with their appreciation to be finally taken care of and on their way to a forever home! Call 330-475-8300 or email: info@pawsandprayers.org