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Akron Ohio Events

Paleo and Gluten-Free Diets

9/30/2014       Show only About Town

Mudcakes clay class for children ages 6-8

9/30/2014       Show only Children's Events

Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver

9/30/2014       Show only Workshops/Lectures

PAWS for Reading with service dog Molly

10/1/2014       Show only Children's Events

The Wiggles

10/1/2014       Show only Children's Events

Cajun Dinner and Concert with Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys

10/1/2014       Show only Music


10/2/2014       Show only Film

Putting Your Garden to Bed

10/2/2014       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Preschool Pals Story Time

10/2/2014       Show only Children's Events

All-Beethoven Concert

10/2/2014       Show only Music

Paul Theroux on China: The Years Between Mao and Modernism

10/2/2014       Show only Workshops/Lectures

“The Fault in Our Stars”

10/2/2014       Show only Film

Yesterday Once More: Helen Welch Sings the Music of The Carpenters

10/2/2014       Show only Music

Stewart’s Caring Place: A Cancer Wellness Center Events

10/2/2014       Show only Support Groups

Word Games

10/2/2014       Show only About Town

Kinderealm: Bears

10/3/2014       Show only Children's Events

Falls Farmers Market

10/3/2014       Show only About Town

Archery for Adults / Archery for Kids

10/3/2014       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Mysterious World of Owls

10/3/2014       Show only About Town

Keiko Matsui

10/3/2014       Show only Music

Angela Reber

10/3/2014       Show only On Exhibit

Point, Click, Capture Digital Photo Class

10/4/2014       Show only Children's Events

Discovering Your English and Irish Ancestors

10/4/2014       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Paranormal Paranoia: The Other Side of Tattoo Art(ists)

10/4/2014       Show only On Exhibit

Kasim Sulton

10/4/2014       Show only Music

Women’s Auxiliary Board of Summit County Children Services Rummage Sale

10/4/2014       Show only About Town

Gentle Strength Bodywork for those touched by cancer

10/5/2014       Show only About Town

27th Annual International Exhibition

10/11/2014       Show only On Exhibit

The Joffrey Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”

10/11/2014       Show only Auditions

Ladies Night Out

10/16/2014       Show only About Town

Pumpkin Festival

10/18/2014       Show only About Town

Medina County Farmers’ Market

10/25/2014       Show only About Town

Gentle Yoga for Seniors

10/25/2014       Show only About Town

A New Adventure

10/26/2014       Show only Support Groups

Intent to Deceive

10/26/2014       Show only On Exhibit

Autumn Painted Red Exhibit

10/26/2014       Show only On Exhibit

Farmers Market

10/27/2014       Show only On Exhibit


10/29/2014       Show only About Town

Marcia Sandstrom

10/31/2014       Show only On Exhibit

Barber Haunt

11/1/2014       Show only About Town

Fashion Timeline

6/30/2015       Show only On Exhibit