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Akron Ohio Events

Introduction to Spanish

8/26/2016       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Ballroom Nights

8/26/2016       Show only Dance

Zoso (Led Zeppelin tribute)with the Joe Vitale Jr. Band

8/26/2016       Show only Music

Kinderealm: Bees: for ages 3-6

8/27/2016       Show only Children's Events


8/27/2016       Show only About Town

Jazz Under the Stars: Mojo: The Generation’s Big Band

8/27/2016       Show only Music

Barbara Knight Trio; Artwerk

8/27/2016       Show only Music

Catherine Gray Jackson Tribute Exhibition

8/27/2016       Show only On Exhibit

Our Ancestors From Europe

8/27/2016       Show only Workshops/Lectures

The Prince Experience with the Twistoffs

8/27/2016       Show only Music

Gospel Sundays: Tampa Murphy and the Highland Square Community Choir

8/28/2016       Show only Music

Billy Crowbeak

8/28/2016       Show only Music

Phenology: Whispers from Mother Nature

8/28/2016       Show only About Town

Family Story Time

8/28/2016       Show only Children's Events

Yoga and Mimosa; Yoga and Wine

8/29/2016       Show only About Town

Hearing Loss Support Group

8/29/2016       Show only Support Groups

How to Read Sheet Music

8/29/2016       Show only Workshops/Lectures

GriefCare Place

8/30/2016       Show only Support Groups

Wine and Genes Symposium

8/30/2016       Show only Charity Events

Metro Parks Ensemble

8/30/2016       Show only Music

Rock-a-Bye Tales

8/30/2016       Show only Children's Events

Genealogy 101: Beyond Ancestry.com

8/31/2016       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Lock Bottom Blues and Jazz Club: Skip Gibson and Finesse

8/31/2016       Show only Music

Downtown @ Dusk: Angie Haze

9/1/2016       Show only Music

“Hangover Square”

9/1/2016       Show only Film

Quarry Hike

9/1/2016       Show only About Town

Pastel Workshop with Douglas House

9/1/2016       Show only Workshops/Lectures

Homeschoolers: City Critters: ages 7-10

9/2/2016       Show only Children's Events

The Machine (Pink Floyd) with G Force

9/2/2016       Show only Music

En Vogue with Horns and Things

9/3/2016       Show only Music

Downtown Akron Art Walk

9/3/2016       Show only About Town

Peninsula Flea

9/3/2016       Show only About Town

2016 Landscape Show

9/5/2016       Show only On Exhibit

Story Time

9/6/2016       Show only Children's Events

“The America Play”

9/7/2016       Show only Auditions

Paul-Henri Bourguignon: Citizen of the World

9/10/2016       Show only On Exhibit

Post Akron: Art of David A. Leas

9/17/2016       Show only On Exhibit

Music at the Lodge

9/21/2016       Show only Music

A New Adventure: group for widows and widowers

9/28/2016       Show only Support Groups

A New Beginning: group for widows and widowers

9/28/2016       Show only Support Groups

Cuyahoga Falls Farmers Market

9/30/2016       Show only About Town

Cupcakes for a Cause to benefit Breast Cancer Innovation Foundation

10/5/2016       Show only Charity Events

Sisters in Art 2016 Exhibit

10/27/2016       Show only On Exhibit