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Home Improvement

Is it time to add a half-bathroom?

10/4/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

The addition of a half-bathroom is a project that often makes practical and financial sense.
Photo courtesy of MetroCreativeConnection
No home renovation or home improvement project is free, but some are less costly than others.

The addition of a half-bathroom is a popular project, and it won’t necessarily break the bank. If converting existing floor space into a half-bathroom, such a renovation can cost as little as a few thousand dollars, making the addition of a powder room one of the few home improvement projects where the value added to the home exceeds the cost of the renovation. Before deciding to add a half-bathroom, it helps to consider some of the pros and cons of the project.


• Convenience: A half-bathroom is often added on the home’s main floor or in the basement or attic. This makes it more convenient for guests to use the restroom during a dinner party or when coming over to watch the big game in a basement home-theater area.

• Problem-free: Half-bathrooms are smaller because they don’t have a shower or bathtub. That means common bathroom problems like mold and mildew are not as big a concern as they are for full bathrooms.

• More choices: Because mold and mildew aren’t likely to present a problem in a half-bathroom, homeowners have more options when choosing floors and countertops.


• Space: Half-bathrooms are much smaller than full bathrooms, so they tend to feel cramped.

• Value: Though an inexpensive half-bathroom addition might recoup its value and then some at resale, the project won’t add as much resale value to a home as a full bathroom addition might.

• Loss of storage: If storage around the house is sparse, homeowners might be better off keeping the area designated for the half-bathroom as a storage closet.

Homeowners also should then check with their community to ensure the codes and requirements won’t restrict their project. Size or window restrictions might curtail the project or limit what homeowners can do.


This information was provided by MetroCreativeConnection.

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