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Position papers: Summit County Council, District 7

10/18/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Larry Ashbaugh vs. Tim Crawford (incumbent)

Larry Ashbaugh
Tim Crawford
Voters will vote for one candidate for Summit County Council District 7 representative for the term commencing Jan. 1, 2013, on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot. The information provided below was submitted by candidates, with their responses to our questions printed as submitted.

Larry Ashbaugh

Political affiliation: Republican

What are the major issues facing your district and how would you address them?

“Major issues facing District 7 and Summit County include a Lack of Employment Opportunities; Decreased Business Start-Ups; Property Owner Taxes; Drug Manufacturing and Use; Housing Abandonment and Repossession; and Government Accountability. 

“Employment opportunities, through increased business activity can be found through a combining of resources (land, water, people, and education) throughout Southwestern Summit, as none of the communities in D7 can effectively address this alone. As an example, Barberton has water and infrastructure, Norton has a high-performing education system, and New Franklin has available land which can be brought together in a combined industrial park to attract new business. Summit business start-ups have dropped by 1/3 since 2007, and only by communities working together and cutting costs can SW Summit energize growth.

“Property taxes can only be brought down through increased employment and new business growth to provide a broadened tax base, allowing property taxes to be cut. This means we have to cut the loss of housing through cooperation of government and banking interests to ensure people can find and maintain employment so property can be saved.

“Drug activity is a scourge that can only be solved through education, government accountability and relentless prosecution, ensuring the safety of citizens.”

What would be your top three priorities if you took office? Why?

“My first priority would be to work to bring the communities of District 7 together in a cooperative structure for mutual benefit. Currently, each community has duplicative structures that can be shared to lower or eliminate costs through the sharing of equipment, resources, and personnel, while maintaining their individual identities. A regional sharing would in many cases be useful and cost-effective.

“A second priority would be to develop business growth and employment opportunities for the people of D7 and Summit County. Southwestern Summit County has been left outside as other areas of the county have experienced growth. Through the leverage of available resources, SW Summit can also experience the growth found in Hudson, Fairlawn, and most recently, Green.

“Another priority would be to reestablish the faith that our citizens have lost in local government, and Summit County Council in particular, by ensuring that I never forget that the seat I will occupy is the seat of the people, and not one from which I can profit, or use as leverage to either enrich myself or to seek other employment. I served the nation in the military most of my life, and would be honored to serve Summit County in Council.”


Tim Crawford (incumbent)

Political affiliation: Democrat

What are the major issues facing your district and how would you address them?

“Some of the major issues facing my district include: Vacant foreclosed houses, unemployment, and commercial building vacancies. Currently our goal in the county is to rehab and recondition the houses that have potential, and to raze the others that are beyond repair. Another goal is to create employment opportunities which would improve the overall prosperity of the district. By filling commercial vacancies, jobs will be available and the economic welfare will improve.”

What would be your top three priorities if you were re-elected? Why?

“If re-elected, the top priorities for the county would include:

“Improve the district in the area of vacant homes by continuation of rehab, recondition or razing.

“Create more employment opportunities, filling commercial vacancies.

“Continue to use restraint in the county budget, through making cost-effective decisions, and also being mindful of the income of county.”

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