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Holiday Shopping & Events Guide

Area tree farms, garden centers offer live trees

11/22/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

GREATER AKRON — Celebrating the holiday season with a real Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition. Close to 33 million American families celebrate the holiday season with a fresh, farm-grown Christmas tree each year.

According to the Ohio Christmas Tree Association (OCTA), people will buy their trees as early as the weekend before Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a precut tree or one that is cut at the time of purchase, the tree usually will last the same amount of time as long as it is kept watered.

According to the OCTA, there are many things to consider when using a live tree as a Christmas tree, but the most important thing is keeping the tree watered.

Consider these guidelines from the OCTA before selecting a Christmas tree:

• Be sure you know what size (height and width) you need before heading to the retail lot or tree farm.

• Go to a retail lot or tree farm that is well lit and stores trees in a shaded area.

• Often a tree obtained soon after its arrival on the retail lot or tree farm will be very fresh because it was cut recently. Consumers should ask the retailer when he/she gets the trees: Are they delivered once at the beginning of the season, or does he/she obtain several shipments during the season?

• Do a freshness test on the trees. Green needles on fresh trees break crisply when bent sharply with the fingers — much like a fresh carrot. A good rule-of-thumb is, when in doubt about the freshness of a tree, select another one.

• Ask the retailer about recycling trees in your community.

• Saw a thin disk (1/4 inch) off the trunk prior to placing the tree in a water holding stand.

• Make sure to place the tree in its water holding stand within four to six hours after making a cut to the trunk. Your stand must be able to hold enough water for the size of the tree. A good rule-of-thumb is 1-quart capacity for every inch of diameter of the trunk. Do not add anything to the water, such as bleach, aspirin, fertilizer or other things. Tap water is fine.

• Keep plenty of water in your stand. A Christmas tree may absorb a gallon of water in the first 24 hours it is up and may “drink” several quarts after that. If the trunk is allowed to be exposed to the air for six to 12 hours and go dry, a new cut will be required to permit it to once again absorb water.

• Make sure the tree is displayed in a place away from heat sources (registers, fireplaces, TV sets and computers) and draft sources. Be extra careful with electricity, all open flames and other heat sources during the holidays. Check all Christmas tree lights, other electric decorations and electrical appliances for wear (frayed cords, for example). Unplug tree lights and other decorations when out of the room or sleeping.

• Are there any individuals in the household who are allergic to pine? If so, consider another species, such as firs, instead of pines or spruces.

The following is a list of area tree farms and garden centers where live Christmas trees are available:

• Amber Garden Center, 4315 Hudson Drive, Stow, 330-945-6660;

• Canton Road Garden Center, 1881 Canton Road, Springfield, 330-699-5888;

• Collier Road Trees, 1565 Collier Road, Copley, 330-573-5192;

• Constantine’s Nursery & Garden Center, 2518 Brecksville Road, Richfield Village, 330-659-9289;

• Dayton Nurseries, 3459 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Norton, 330-825-3320;

• Donzell’s Flower and Garden Center Inc., 937 E. Waterloo Road, Akron, 330-724-0505;

• Figaro Farms, 180 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Road, Green, 330-896-2220;

• Galehouse Tree Farms, 11762 Coal Bank Road, Doylestown, 330-658-2480;

• Graf Growers, 1015 White Pond Drive, Copley, 330-836-2727;

• Heritage Farms, 6050 Riverview Road, Peninsula, 330-657-2834;

• Original Dayton Flower & Garden Center, 4474 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Norton, 330-825-4176;

• Snyder Tree Farm, 648 Medina Road, Medina, 330-239-5900; and

• Suncrest Gardens, 5157 Akron-Cleveland Road, Peninsula, 330-650-4969.

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