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It’s all about texture for today’s hardwood floors

3/14/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Texture has emerged as the new “color” when it comes to the driving force behind wood flooring selections, according to industry experts.
Photo courtesy of MetroCreativeConnection
Experts in the hardwood flooring industry are seeing a major shift in the way consumers are now choosing their floors, as color is no longer king. Texture has emerged as the new “color” when it comes to the driving force behind wood flooring selections. 

“For years, color was always the top consideration for people looking for a hardwood floor,” said Michel Collin, marketing director of Mercier Wood Flooring, a hardwood flooring manufacturer. “But over the last few years, texture has overtaken color as the new driver. The reason behind this movement is that texture stimulates our senses with both tactile and visual elements.”

The latest handscraped and distressed hardwood floors are good examples of how popular textures have become with discerning wood flooring consumers. According to Collin, there is a big demand for textured wood floors across North America, where homeowners are looking to feature the distressed look of barn wood, prominent knots or the natural sculptural and undulating lines of boards planed the old fashioned way.

“The texture trend is very hot with homeowners today, and we have a feeling it’s here to stay,” said designer Marie Francois, of Dolce Interieur in Montreal. 

To keep up with the demand for this growing texture trend in hardwood floors, manufacturers have developed new hardwood series featuring these sought-after tactile and visual elements. 

“When it comes to flooring texture treatments, such as handscraping, they should be considered as art forms, timeless, unique works of art tailored to your home,” said Collin.

Design tip: A rustic scrape will result in a more “distressed” look and is an ideal choice for an active family. A more sculpted floor with minor surface interruption is considered “classic” and fits perfectly in a contemporary decor.

This information was provided courtesy of MetroCreativeConnection.

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