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Position papers: Norton City Council, Ward 4 representative

10/10/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer


Joe Kernan vs. Bill Mowery (incumbent) vs. Dennis Pierson

Voters living in Norton’s Ward 4 will vote for one candidate for Ward 4 representative on Norton City Council in the Nov. 5 General Election. The race is nonpartisan. The information provided below was submitted by the candidates, with their responses to our questions printed as submitted.


John Conklin (incumbent)

Why are you running for Council?

“To Make A Difference:

“I have been involved in our community for over 25 years (Church, School, Sports & Scouting Etc.). I care about the future of Norton and the people who live and work here like me. I live here, I work here and I truly believe I’m the best choice to guide & help the residents of the 4th ward.”

What would be your top three priorities if you were elected? Why?

“Let’s keep it simple:

  1. “Communication
    “Town Hall Meetings for the 4th ward allow the residents a chance to interact with their Councilmen in a non-formal format outside of Council Chambers.
    “It is easier for everyone involved when we all understand what the issues are and can voice our concerns.
    “Not only communication between Council & the Public must improve but also between Council and Administration. We must show a spirit of compromise and understanding with each other to move the city forward.
  2. “Roads
    “We all know what shape our roads are in. And we also know what little has been done to them. In 2012 & 2013 there was no road program in the 4th ward.
    “It shows and we need to do better.
  3. “EPA and Sewers
    “Sewers will come to the forth ward in time. And the best way to get through this process is through communication (Item #1 Town Hall Meetings)
    “The process will be easier for all involved if communication and understanding is Rule #1”


Paul Tousley

Why are you running for Council?

“I’m running for Council for several reasons:

“I am dismayed by the disconnect and lack of concern the City Administration and the majority of Council have toward the residents.

“The community is conveniently uninformed of the high ambitions of the City.

“People are very distressed about current issues facing the City, and aren’t finding help in their present Council.

“Many have been asking me to run for Council, to represent the voice of the citizens in Ward Four.

“Ten years ago, my wife and I moved our young family to Norton because we liked the small town feel and affordable lifestyle. After attending Council meetings, I was troubled by the apathy of Council toward the residents. I decided I would either have to move my family out of Norton, or become more involved to change the current situation. We have built too many relationships here to not stay and fight for what is right for the citizens and taxpayers of this community.”

What would be your top three priorities if you took office? Why?

“My top priorities if I took office would be:

“Bring true representation to the residents of Ward Four. Why? Council tends to go along with whatever the Administration wants without considering its constituents.

“Bring City spending in check to be more in proportion with what the city is taking in. Why? Public records show that in 2009, Norton’s debt stood at just over 3 million. In 2011, Norton’s debt was at just under 8 million. Spending is out of control.

“Bring accountability and trust to Council. Why? Because the citizens need to be put first. It is the citizens who fund the city, therefore the residents need to be considered first in every decision Norton makes on their behalf. Many citizens feel that their opinions are not truly welcomed by the majority of their representatives and the current administration. The City has lost the citizens’ trust.”

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