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Position papers: Barberton Municipal Court clerk

10/17/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Zack Milkovich vs. Diana Stevenson (incumbent)

Voters living in the Barberton Municipal Court district will vote for one candidate for court clerk in the Nov. 5 General Election. The Court serves Barberton, Clinton, Copley, Coventry, Green, New Franklin and Norton. The race is nonpartisan. The information provided below was submitted by the candidates, with their responses to our questions printed as submitted.


Zack Milkovich

Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Barberton Municipal Court clerk and why you are the most viable candidate for the position.

“The main duties of this position is to ensure the court runs efficiently, keeping track of records and timely filing of fines. I would give prompt and courteous service to those who find themselves dealing with the court system in Barberton. The collection of outstanding fees will be a priority under my guidance. I will accurately maintain, safeguard and store all court documents as well as disperse any fees as directed by the Ohio Revised Code. My experience in the House Legislature as a State Representative in crafting a 62 billion dollar budget has honed my skills in a sometimes challenging environment. By employing knowledgeable staff who will strive to serve those served by the Clerk of Courts is imperative in a successful Clerk.”

How would you propose to improve the functions of the clerk? Please be specific.

“If elected, I will combine programs and, if possible, use less staff by using the most up to date technology to serve the clerk of courts constituency in a timely, prompt and efficient manner. Additionally, the constituency will have a direct link to myself and my staff, as my number one priority is to serve and meet their needs.”


Diana Stevenson (incumbent)

Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Barberton Municipal Court clerk and why you are the most viable candidate for the position?

“The Clerk of the Barberton Municipal Court is responsible for the day to day operations of the court. The office serves as the hub of the judicial system through which all case documents flow. It is where the judicial process begins and ends, from the filing of a citation or a case through the collection and distribution of funds, all of which must be completed in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and the Local Rules of Court.

“The Barberton Clerk is also responsible for receiving and accounting for all monies flowing through the court. This includes costs, fines, fees, bonds, and payments. This duty requires strict accounting procedures as prescribed by the Auditor of State.

“Further, it is the Clerk’s responsibility to hire, maintain and oversee the employees of the Clerk’s office. It is important to have procedures in place for the supervision of these employees.

“I am the most viable candidate for the position because of my 20 years court experience and hands-on experience in the courts and the clerk’s office. I know and understand the procedures necessary to make the Clerk’s office run smoothly. I have the ability to work with law enforcement, the Prosecutor’s office, and the Judges, in order to help in the efficient operation of the judicial process. As clerk, one of my top priorities has been providing prompt, courteous service and helping the people who use the court.”

How would you propose to improve the functions of the clerk? Please be specific.

“If elected to continue serving as Clerk of Courts for the Barberton Municipal Court, I will continue to work with the Court judges in order to increase collections for the court and to continue to use various forms of technology in order to improve the efficiency of the office. Additionally I will ensure that the Clerk’s office continues to provide prompt and courteous service to the people who use the court. I will also continue to support the agencies and law enforcement officers which the court serves.

“As Clerk, I have implemented leading edge technology including website upgrades with mobile capabilities in order to provide better public access. I will continue to incorporate technology into the daily operations of the clerk’s office. I would like to implement real-time docketing in the court in order to increase efficiency in the office. This would lead to implementing electronic court filing to better use the time and skills of office staff leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

“I will continue my aggressive collection efforts though diligent reporting of delinquent accounts to the collection agency, through continued use of license forfeitures, warrant blocks and registration blocks, and through working with the Judges on any additional collection methods which they have the authority to implement.”

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