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Position papers: Green City Council, Ward 2 representative

10/31/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Rick Jacobson vs. Greg Padrutt vs. Bob Young

Voters living in Green’s Ward 2 will vote for one candidate for Ward 2 representative on Green City Council in the Nov. 5 General Election. The race is nonpartisan. The information provided below was submitted by the candidates, with their responses to our questions printed as submitted.


Rick Jacobson

Why are you running for Council?

“I am running for Ward-2 Council because of a desire to serve my Ward and the community at large. It would be an honor to serve in such a capacity, using my four years on Green’s Planning & Zoning Commission, serving on the Massillon Road Corridor Study Committee, and attendance at Council meetings for six years to guide our growing community through the issues it will continue to face. Having invested countless hours in many areas of our town like coaching girls softball, building the Boettler Park playground, assisting several Council, Mayor and School Levy campaigns, the Chamber of Commerce, and a host of additional volunteer and communications efforts, I’ve developed a wide range of community contacts, understanding and wisdom. This involvement, and my career as a professional interviewer and business consultant, will allow me to ask better questions and make good decisions in the interest of our City as a whole. I look forward to working with the Mayor and other members of Council to continue our City’s development, while honoring our community’s proud heritage that allows Green to be what it is ... a great place to live. It is difficult to satisfy the demands of heritage and growth, but I believe listening and planning in a transparent process allows the best balance to exist. My family has enjoyed being a part of this City for over 14 years. I look forward to contributing to our traditions as your Ward-2 Councilman and continuing my tireless commitment to Green.”

What would be your top three priorities if you took office? Why?

“My first priority is the sacred trust in how money received from residents and businesses is properly spent, accounted for and communicated to the public. Effective fiscal discipline is more than just concern for spending, it includes whether expenses are necessary. Our economic vitality and strong credit rating has been a mix of properly prioritizing our spending, no new taxes, and balanced development that produces sensible financial resources for our growing City. I will support all efforts to improve our financial results and stewardship.

“My next priority is public safety, the first responsibility of all government. I will work diligently with the Administration to make sure Green is employing the best resources to insure maximum public safety from the County Sheriff and our local Fire Department. If we the people are in charge, then public safety is a shared responsibility across the community and I would like to see new approaches to improve everyone’s safety for themselves and their neighbor.

“Finally, we must continue development of the infrastructure in our city with respect to all transportation and storm water. My involvement with the Massillon Road Corridor Study Committee revealed how much Green has accomplished in this area in the last several years, and how much more is needed. I will continue relationships with the Service and Engineering departments to promote better and safer traffic solutions, more sidewalks, bike paths, and connectivity, as well as maintaining the good storm water management efforts that have reduced recent flooding, we can improve this.”


Greg Padrutt

Why are you running for Council?

“I have spent my entire career protecting families and serving the public. I am a former Fire Department Lieutenant and Paramedic and Deputy Sheriff. I am currently a Physician Assistant for The Heart Center at Akron Children’s Hospital. I know what public service is all about: helping others. You can count on me to stand up for our neighborhoods on city council. I will continue the tradition of responsive representation that Councilman Dave France and Councilman Joel Reed have provided Ward 2 residents for the past two decades. As a resident of Green, Ward 2, for over 34 years, I understand the issues and major changes that we have experienced as a community. I feel fortunate to have raised my family in the City of Green. I am now at a point in my life that I can give back to serve our great community.”

What would be your top three priorities if you took office? Why?

  1. “Infrastructure and traffic improvements: As our city has grown with an increase in development, we need to ensure that we have effective infrastructure in place. Traffic issues must be addressed to meet the needs of our residents and our businesses.
  2. “Maintaining our outstanding safety services: Green is fortunate to have outstanding safety forces. My priority would be to ensure these services remain well supported.
  3. “Livable city planning and responsible budgeting: With increased development in Green, I will support a plan that meets the needs of our residents and our business community. Additional safe bike trails, walking trails and sidewalks throughout the city (where feasible) will enhance the livability in Green. Planning effectively and budgeting responsibly will be of utmost importance.”


Bob Young

Why are you running for Council?

“I have an invested interest in this community. I am a lifelong resident of over 32 years and a third generation resident of Green. In addition I am raising a young family here and plan on staying here. I genuinely care for the well being of my family and this community. This is a growing city and responsible growth is a priority. The residents of this community deserve quality services and a safe enjoyable place to call home”

What would be your top three priorities if you took office? Why?

“I want to maintain two major reasons people like to live in Green. Citizen Safety and Good Schools. I will work constantly to implement and improve these essential services to Green citizens of all ages.

“As a tax payer I will work to find ways to reduce the city’s budget so the City does not find itself under ongoing expenditures that could outstrip the City budget in the future.

“As a property owner I know the burdened of ever increasing property taxes on Green home owners. I will explore ways to reduce Taxes on Green Home Owners.”

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