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4/10/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

Medical society announces new features on revamped website

AKRON — The Summit County Medical Society (SCMS) has announced new features on its public service website, www.HelpWithMedicalCosts.com, designed to help Summit County residents find doctors and price-check published charges for common services that many must pay out of pocket due to insurance with high deductibles.

The added features of the website are possible with 2014 sponsorship by Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy.

The new version of the website responds to the Affordable Care Act with these offerings:

  • A Find-a-Doctor listing of Medical Society physicians who accept new patients with Medicare, and those who accept new patients either with Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Price checks on charges for common medical services. This is designed as a resource to help people with high deductibles find lower cost services to save on out-of-pocket costs. The first Price Check post offers a comparison of charges on two common blood tests and reveals more than a $100 differential in charges among local providers for the same tests.
  • A calculator developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation to help people estimate health insurance premiums and eligibility for subsidies in the new health insurance exchanges.

Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy will promote and publicize the website through its network of 16 in-store pharmacies.


Allie M. Designs announces partnership with Autism Society of Greater Akron

DOWNTOWN AKRON — Allie M. Designs, a marketer of personalized jewelry located in the Downtown Akron Art District at 51 E. Market St., has announced its partnership with the Autism Society of Greater Akron, an organization committed to providing support, service and guidance to those impacted by autism by focusing on education, awareness and community engagement.

“I am so pleased to have the opportunity to help the society help those affected by autism,” Allie M. Designs’ owner and creative designer, Allie Jackson, said about the partnership. “I chose the Autism Society of Greater Akron because they are a local charity supporting people right here in our community, and I believe as part of that community, I could make a difference.”

Allie M. Designs will, through the end of August, be selling specially designed jewelry bearing the society’s puzzle ribbon and/or puzzle piece symbols and will donate 20 percent of the retail sales proceeds from those items to the Autism Society of Greater Akron. These items can be viewed at www.alliem.com or in the shop.

“The nature of Allie M. Designs’ jewelry is about building pieces that are not only inspirational for each individual, but also unique to them,” said Laurie Cramer, executive director of the Autism Society of Greater Akron. “Given that autism is also unique to each individual in how it impacts them and their families, we believed that combination was a natural fit for the Autism Society and what we represent. We are excited about this partnership and appreciate Allie’s vision and support.”

Allie M. Designs launched this initiative in April because it is National Autism Awareness Month.


Treatment for problem gambling available locally

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board is now funding prevention and treatment programs related to problem gambling.

According to ADM Board officials, problem gambling, defined as any gambling activity that goes beyond the “normal” bounds of gambling for fun, recreation or entertainment, might eventually result in compulsive or pathological gambling.

Several local agencies are now certified to provide treatment for those with pathological gambling. These include: Community Health Center, which can be reached at 330-434-4141, and Mature Services, which can be reached at 330-253-4597.

Both Community Health Center and the Summit County Community Partnership (330-322-5007) are resources for problem gambling prevention and education activities for schools and community groups.

“Most people don’t realize that adolescents are two to four times more likely than adults to exhibit problem or pathological gambling,” said Partnership Executive Director Darryl Brake. “We believe that through early education and prevention, we can greatly decrease the probability.”

Additional resources are available for people faced with problem gambling behavior in themselves or a family member. The Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 800-589-9966 offers referrals for gambling treatment based on location of the caller, as well as helps with other concerns that can be impacted by gambling, such as housing, food, employment, financial counseling, etc.

For more information about problem gambling, visit the Ohio for Responsible Gambling website at www.org.ohio.gov.


American Cancer Society commits to hire 200 veterans, military spouses

ATLANTA — The American Cancer Society (ACS) has announced a commitment to hire 200 veterans and military spouses in 2014 as part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring 500,000 Heroes campaign with Capital One.

The ACS will work with the U.S. Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes program to help fulfill the commitment over the course of the year. Talent Strategy Recruiters will participate in Hiring Our Heroes job fairs nationwide and as an employer in its Résumé Engine tool, which includes a database of thousands of veteran résumés.

“The American Cancer Society is committed to welcoming veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses to our family, giving them the opportunity to use their skills and experience to continue to make a difference and save lives — this time in the fight against cancer,” said John Seffrin, CEO of the ACS. “Military veterans embody the honor, passion and leadership skills that we value in our employees.”

“We are thrilled to see the American Cancer Society step up to the plate and make a significant commitment to hire veterans and military spouses,” said Eric Eversole, executive director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program. “We hope the American Cancer Society’s pledge will inspire other employers and nonprofits across the country to follow suit and commit to hire some of the most talented men and women our nation has to offer.”

The organization offers a variety of full- and part-time opportunities in offices across the country that appeal to individuals of different skills, interests and levels of experience. To find out more, go to: www.cancer.org/aboutus/employmentopportunities/military-veterans.


Summit County marks National Public Health Week

SUMMIT COUNTY — Each year since 1995, National Public Health Week has been celebrated during the first week in April. Organized by the American Public Health Association, the national campaign aims to raise awareness about public health topics among the general public, health care providers and policymakers.

National Public Health Week 2014 is taking place through April 11, centered on the theme “Public Health: Start Here.”

According to Summit County Public Health (SCPH), the public health system is changing as technologies advance, public attitudes shift and more health and safety options become available through policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Public health professionals are the guides of this system, helping communities navigate the many choices along the way, according to SCPH officials.

National Public Health Week 2014 breaks down these changes into daily themes to make the transition easy to understand and navigate.

  • April 7 focused on “Be Healthy From the Start.” SCPH supports breastfeeding mothers and their families through the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program. SCPH has WIC clinics throughout the county.
  • April 8 focused on “Don’t Panic.” SCPH works closely with emergency management, hospitals, first responders, schools, businesses and other organizations to promote emergency preparedness. SCPH encourages individuals to register for Reverse Alert, Summit County’s Emergency Notification and Warning System, at www.reversealert.net.
  • April 9 focused on “Get out Ahead.” According to SCPH officials, more than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making healthy choices such as not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating right, keeping active and getting recommended screening tests.
  • Today, April 10, focuses on “Eat Well.” SCPH actively educates food service operators in proper food handling to reduce the impact of foodborne illnesses.
  • Tomorrow, April 11, will focus on “Be the Healthiest Nation in One Generation.” According to SCPH officials, investing $10 per person each year in proven, community-based public health efforts could save the nation more than $16 billion within five years.

For more information, visit www.scphoh.org or follow SCPH on Facebook and Twitter.


Stephanie Kist contributed to these reports.

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