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Reader urges calling legislators to stop post office closures

The recent articles on the closing of post office processing centers, from six to two in Ohio in April (closing 250...   Full Story

Anthem auditions give youth chance to shine

In what’s become an annual tradition for Akron’s minor-league baseball franchise, the Akron RubberDucks held national...   Full Story

Cartoon: 3-26-15

Cartoon: One of a Kind Pets   Full Story

Springfield resident finds positives in trail

After reading “Residents speak against proposed trail in Lakemore,” [March 20, 2015, South Side News Leader], I am...   Full Story

Retired teacher supports Coventry levy

To the citizens of Coventry Township: Vote “yes” for the renewal on May 5. Our schools need your support. Pay no...   Full Story

Former treasurer encourages ‘yes’ vote

Coventry has another emergency levy on the ballot again? Why is there another emergency? Why can’t the district operate...   Full Story

Cartoon: 3-27-15

Cartoon: Trian   Full Story