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West Side Neighborhood Watch

WEST AKRON: At 2:30 a.m. May 25, police responded to a fight outside a West Market Street business, where a large crowd had gathered and two women were engaged in a physical confrontation. One woman, who attempted to assist one of the combatants, ignored police orders to stop and stand back. She continued to charge at the other combatant and she was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of official business and transported to her home.
On the night of May 26, police were called to a fight involving a man and woman at a bar on West Market Street. Both parties had minor injuries, declined EMS and provided conflicting information. No charges were filed and police transported the woman to her home on Peerless Avenue. Outside the residence, she began screaming and yelling. It was 3 a.m. and police advised her to stop yelling and go inside, but she refused. She was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Summit County Jail.
Police responded to a report that a man refused to leave a Diagonal Road home May 27 and advised the intoxicated man to leave and not return. Officers were called back to the location by the resident who said he was there and had threatened her with a knife. Police found no knife in his possession and he was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.
A driver stopped for a traffic violation on South Hawkins Avenue May 29 denied having a firearm in the vehicle, but when he opened the glove box, police observed ammunition. They questioned him again and had him exit the vehicle. He admitted there was a firearm in the vehicle and police recovered it. Due to prior felony convictions, he was prohibited from having a firearm and he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle and taken to the Summit County Jail.
Police responded to a traffic crash on South Hawkins Avenue May 30 when an at-fault driver was cited for a traffic violation and police recovered a loaded hand gun from his pocket. He was wanted on a warrant and had a prior conviction for domestic violence. He was charged with having a weapon while under disability and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.
Following a traffic stop at the intersection of Edgerton Road and Aqueduct Street at 3 a.m. May 31, police determined the driver’s operating license was under suspension and had him exit the vehicle. He was charged with felony drug possession when police found a bag of cocaine in his pocket and another bag between the front seat and console of his vehicle.
At presstime, police were investigating a mass shooting that occurred just after midnight June 2 at a party in the area of Kelly and Eighth avenues (for more information, see our front-page story). Police are seeking information, not only from people who were present, but from the entire community. A total of up to $22,500 has been offered by various law enforcement agencies for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or suspects in this case. Police are also reminding people who might be struggling with psychological issues in the aftermath of this traumatic event that there are mental health services available. Call 211 for the United Way of Summit and Medina County’s resource line to be connected to the appropriate provider or call the ADM Board’s Mental Health Hotline at 330-434-9144 to communicate with service providers. Those experiencing suicidal thoughts can call 988 at any time. Anyone who has information about the above incident or any suspect is asked to call police at 330-375-2490 or 330-375-2TIP, or text tips to 274637. For Summit County Crimestoppers, call 330-434-COPS. Callers can also use the new tip411 app, available for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or on the APD website at www.AkronCops.org. All callers can remain anonymous.

BATH: On May 24, police investigated an incident that occurred at 9 p.m. the previous night, when suspects stole four flats of flowers totaling $360 from the rear of a building in West Market Plaza, and left in a silver SUV.
Police patrolling Medina Road May 25 stopped the driver of a vehicle with no license plate light and charged her with driving under suspension. When a Richfield K-9 officer performed an open-air sniff on the vehicle and indicated contraband, police located numerous clothing items that appeared to have been stolen and credit cards bearing the names of other people. The cards were placed into evidence, with charges pending completion of an investigation.
Firefighters responded to a utility pole that was burning outside an Everett Road home May 26. The property owner stated he set fire to the grass around the bottom of the pole to kill weeds. The fire was extinguished and the power company was notified.
On May 26, police responded to a notification from a Flock license plate reader that a vehicle registered to a woman wanted on warrants was outside a Cleveland-Massillon Road store. Police identified the woman, who was shopping in the store, verified the warrants and took her into custody when she exited the store.
Police responded to a disturbance involving family members at a Smith Road home May 26. No police action was taken and the parties were advised to call police if problems occurred again.
Officers patrolling the southbound lanes of I-77 May 27 stopped a driver for lane violations and observed signs of intoxication. She failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI.
A Briarhill Drive man took a military smoke canister to the police station May 28. The Summit County Bomb Squad responded and took the item for proper disposal.
Police assisted Richfield officers with the apprehension of a driver and passengers after a vehicle that was involved in a pursuit by Macedonia Police May 30 crashed at a location on Everett Road.

COPLEY: A Wilbeth Road woman, whose vehicle struck a traffic barrier on the exit ramp from I-77 South to the southbound lanes of state Route 21 at 2 a.m. May 25, was transported to a hospital by EMS after the vehicle flipped to its roof and landed in a ditch. Following an investigation, she was charged with DUI.
A man called police to a Montrose West Avenue parking lot May 26 stating he argued with a man who owed him money for work he performed and the man pointed a gun at him and threatened him. The suspect agreed that he owed the victim money, but denied having a weapon. He gave permission for police to search him and his vehicle, and no weapons were located. Due to conflicting information and insufficient evidence, the parties were separated and no charges were filed.
On May 26, police and EMS responded to a location near the northbound lanes of state Route 21 where a driver struck the rear of a vehicle, driving the front vehicle into a tree and injuring the driver, who was transported to a hospital for treatment of her injuries. The man was charged with failing to provide clear distance between his vehicle and the one in front of it.
Police responded to a report of a stabbing at a Montrose West Avenue hotel May 27 when they found a man in the lobby bleeding profusely from a stab wound in his neck. He was transported to a hospital by EMS. An investigation determined his sister stabbed him with a box cutter and left the scene. Police searched the area, located the Mercer Avenue woman and took her to the Summit County Jail for felonious assault and domestic violence.

FAIRLAWN: The manager reported a shoplifting in progress at a West Market Street store May 25, stating a woman was concealing store items in her pants. When she exited the store without paying for the items, police took her into custody and she admitted the theft. The items, totaling $118, were confiscated and the Copley woman was charged with theft and advised she is banned from the store indefinitely.
Employees reported a man stole merchandise from a Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station May 26 and fled on a bicycle. Police located him on Brookwall Drive, confiscated merchandise totaling $25 and charged the Harrison Avenue man with theft and possession of a drug pipe, found during the arrest.
Police viewed video surveillance from inside and outside a Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station May 30 when the manager reported a man walked into the business and asked for two cartons of menthol cigarettes, totaling $200. When the cartons were placed on the counter, the man grabbed them, ran out the door and fled in a white Chevy SUV, driving south on Cleveland-Massillon Road.
On May 30, police charged a man with theft and advised him he is banned from a Medina Road store after he concealed merchandise worth $85 in his backpack and clothing and attempted to leave the store without paying for it.

NORTON: On May 22, officers provided additional patrol in the area of an Oakpoint Drive residence after a woman reported a man made harassing phone calls to her and damaged a “For Sale” sign in the yard.
Police responded to a sober living facility on Greenwich Road May 22 when an employee stated a person who arrived at the facility created a disturbance and was not following house rules. Police escorted him from the facility, advised him not to return and transported him to a recovery center in Akron.
An employee of a Barber Road business reported May 23 a man called and ordered roses to be delivered to an address on Hemphill Road. After the roses were delivered, he canceled the credit card payment. Police spoke to the recipient of the roses, who stated she would contact a family member, whom she believed sent them to her, and confirm information about the purchase.
Police investigated the theft of items from a storage facility unit on Newpark Drive May 23 when a man reported the lock had been cut and various items were stolen.
The owner of a Wadsworth Road business asked police to document a report that his estranged wife came to the business May 23 after the two had been advised by their attorneys to avoid contact with each other. He stated she took several boxes containing his possessions from her car and placed them in the bed of his truck.
On May 24, police responded to reports that someone was screaming and moaning inside a Columbia Woods Drive apartment and spoke to a man who had cut his hand after punching TV and computer screens, breaking them. He agreed to be transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and police signed an emergency admission form.
A man and a woman reported they were assaulted while sleeping in a tent outside a Wadsworth Road home May 24. The suspect was a woman formerly involved in a relationship with the man. The couple stated the woman showed up and assaulted them. The woman stated she approached the tent and the man threw her on the ground. Police observed evidence supporting her statement. The parties declined charges and police transported the woman to her home in Barberton.
A Mamie Street couple reported harassing phone calls and messages from a relative May 24. Police attempted to call the man and told the couple that the matter would be documented, and if the calls continued he would be charged with phone harassment.
A Woodglen Avenue woman reported May 24 she received a call from a person who claimed to represent her internet service provider and told her to purchase gift cards from a store totaling $340 and provide the numbers to the caller, which she did. She stated to the caller that it sounded like it had been a scam and the caller demanded an additional $2,000. The victim hung up and filed reports with the service provider and store and she was advised to call police.
Police stopped a driver for traffic violations on Cleveland-Massillon Road May 25 and recognized him as a fugitive wanted on warrants and driving while his license was under a DUI suspension. Officers approached his vehicle window and advised him not to reach for the gearshift, but he sped away while an officer had his hand on the vehicle. He reached a speed of 80 mph in a residential neighborhood where the speed limit was 25 mph. He continued fleeing from police in the vehicle, driving recklessly in Norton and Barberton, nearly causing accidents and police canceled the pursuit in the interest of public safety. Officers signed warrants for his arrest on felony charges of failure to comply with police orders and obstruction of official business, along with charges for driving under suspension and numerous traffic violations.
On May 26, police responded to a disturbance involving family members at a Hametown Road home and advised the parties regarding the eviction process.
A man called police to a Wilbur Avenue home May 26 stating he got into an argument with his girlfriend, who was highly intoxicated. Officers spoke with the parties, who stated it was a verbal argument and they would resolve their differences.
A resident of Easton Road showed police video surveillance of two males removing a package from his mailbox at 11:38 a.m. May 28. The following day, a neighbor gave him the package, which was found in the woods. The victim stated the package had been opened, but the contents were intact.

RICHFIELD: Police responded to a disturbance at a Brecksville Road motel May 13 when employees reported a woman staying on the third floor was walking around wearing only a top. Police knocked on the door and she stated she was looking for her pants, but she never located them. She told police she was staying in the room with her boyfriend, who left, and she refused to identify him. Police spoke to her juvenile sister, who said she had been staying in the room but left because her sister was fighting with her boyfriend. She stated she was on probation and received permission from her probation officer to go to Edgewater Park with her sister, but ended up at the motel and was upset about it. Police contacted her mother, who refused to pick her up. Her grandmother agreed to pick her up and police contacted her probation officer and took her to a location where she was released to her grandmother. Her sister was unable to locate her pants and placed a blanket around her waist. She was transported to a nearby gas station and released to her boyfriend.
A Red Doe Circle man reported May 16 he received a phone call from a man who stated he worked at a nearby bank and that someone attempted to open an account in his name. The man refused to provide information to the caller, who transferred the call to a person who claimed to work for a consumer protection agency and also fished for information, which the man refused to provide. He reported the call to his bank and a consumer protection agency.
On May 16, a Broadview Road couple reported they hired a company to replace the floor in their home and moved their belongings, including a safe that contained valuables, to the basement. They stated there was no reason for workers to enter the basement, but there was evidence that someone had entered, and the safe had been stolen. The contents totaled more than $1,000, making the crime a felony and was referred to the detective bureau.
Following reports from neighbors on Brecksville Road May 17, police are seeking the rider of a loud, powerful ATV creating a noise disturbance and trespassing at various hours during the night.
A resident of a Brecksville Road facility reported May 17 her wallet was stolen from a pocket in her wheelchair while she was hospitalized recently.
Police stopped the driver of a vehicle with an equipment violation on I-77 May 17. He denied he had been drinking and police observed an open can of alcoholic tea in his vehicle console. He stated he had one sip. Police emptied the can and confirmed it was almost full. He passed a field sobriety test and was charged with having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle and released.
Police received three calls to a Brecksville Road motel from guests and employees regarding an intoxicated, disorderly woman, staying in a third-floor room May 16 and 17. Police advised her and her boyfriend that the manager wanted them out. The woman was uncooperative with her boyfriend and abusive to officers, who called her parents when she wanted them to drop her off at their home. They stated she was not welcome there and she had been dropped off at the motel by Brecksville Police following an incident at their home. Following much deliberation with the woman, who became increasingly disruptive, police arranged for space in a detox center and she agreed to be taken there. Before transport, she exited the cruiser, got on the ground and continued to rant and refuse to cooperate. She was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and transported to the Richfield Jail. Her boyfriend was permitted to go into their room to sleep.
On May 18, police responded to reports that people were fighting in a Brecksville Road hotel room and punching holes in the wall. Officers located a male who stated he had a fight with his mother and punched three holes in the wall outside their room. Officers spoke to his aunt, who confirmed the report and located his mother, who was wanted on a warrant in Garfield Heights. The hotel manager stated he wanted them to leave and the mother signed a document agreeing to make restitution for damage to the wall. She was released to Garfield Heights Police. The male was evaluated by EMS for a hand injury and released to his aunt.
Police responded to reports that a vehicle with no lights was parked sideways in the southbound traffic lanes of I-271 May 19, and found a woman slumped behind the steering wheel of the vehicle with the ignition running. Peninsula officers assisted and police were unable to wake the driver, who was visibly breathing. Police cruisers were placed in front of and behind her vehicle to prevent her from waking and speeding away, which she attempted to do. Police reached into the vehicle and shut off the engine. The woman was confused about her surroundings and location. She failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI. Her vehicle and license plate were seized.
A man reported he and his son were riding e-bicycles on Harold Road the afternoon of May 19, when a teen driver who was speeding in the opposite lane veered off-course and drove directly toward them before swerving at the last minute to avoid hitting them, then laughed and sped away. Police utilized a Flock license plate reader to identify the vehicle and showed the complainant a photo of a teen they suspected was driving. The complainant confirmed the identity of the driver and the juvenile was charged with aggravated menacing and reckless driving.


The police reports were compiled by Maggie DeMellier and are based on those made available to the West Side Leader.